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Today, I had to Google how to find the area of a circle. I'm working on my PhD in engineering. FML
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^Too smart to know the difference between "too," and "to."

No no no! Smart is a verb! I see where you're coming from though. To nazi for the basic stuff.

xSonic 9

We all forget the basics sometimes op. It's alright. There was a professional baseball player who was messing up simply for not focusing on the ball. :)

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leogirl95 12

Happens to all of us. I still count on my fingers and I'm in precalculus lol.

A master's is more than enough unless you want to do research or teach.

emmanizzer 6

Ha I still count on my fingers amd I'm in Calculus BC. That's what calculators are for!

Looks like you're TOO smart for basic spelling of the English language.

IphonFML 6

# 1 is right is a way. When u learn new, more advanced things, basic knowledge sorta just disappears

stevenJB 25

I still count on my my mind! Because I'm in calculus. :P

I didn't take any of that fancy math and I add in my head bitches!

56, you do realize that pre calculus is times tables for OP, right?

RedPillSucks 31

If she doesn't know the area of a circle, the times tables might be a challenge as well.

Who cares why the OP is going for the PhD. Good job for not just doing the bare minimum!

As an engineer, I can tell you that you'll probably never stop looking up "basic" equations. being an engineer is more about creatively solving problems than remembering a few equations.

juturnaamo 29

That's circumference smart guy.

juturnaamo 29

The circumference is actually pi*D or 2piR

Why the **** am I being thumbed down for saying the right answer, while others, who have done the same, are not? Do you people have something against your dirty old uncle?

You do realize that now that you complained about it everyone's going to thumb it down for kicks and giggles right?

GovernorGeneral 8

Yeah; thumb me down! I live off of it; it's like air for me!! I can't ******* get enough of it! I'm hooked, like a fat kid on chocolate cake!

GovernorGeneral 8

Fat kids dont nescessarily have to like chocolate. Im a little overweight and i hate chocolate...and cake and all that other chocolate stuff. And other sweets. But not all. But you go gurlll!!!! Tell em who boss ;) Show them how much you like their hate WOOH!

bizarre_ftw 21

Technically might I mention you didn't get it right, it's Pi•rE2 :)

That is quite literally what was already up ^=E on a calculator, either will perform the same function

45 , hes right and there is no difference the pronuneral 'e' is unnessecary, i have been seeing you commenting around here lately and you really have to shut up, you attention *****.

bizarre_ftw 21

You got that half right, I talk too much and it translates into my comments, yes, but I've looked very deeply into my soul, I even hired a PI to check out deep dark secrets I know nothing about. I learned I have an irrational fear of cotton candy, when I was four I thought a parakeet was going to kill me and ever since I love bunt cake, and that my subconscious is cheating on me, but nowhere did I find even a tiny scrap of attention *****-ness. Sure the signs are there, but they indicate something far stranger than what you are picking up. Sorry, try again?

OMG bizarre why are you still on fml, stop trying

So which one: ? r ^2 or 2 ? r ? Haha. I love circles!

8, I learned this song in 8th grade about circumference, maybe it will help you. "Twinkle twinkle little star, circumference equals 2(Pi)(r)!"

On my calculators E=10^x so Pi*rE2 is wrong...

Sometimes we forget stupid stuff xD don't worry, its Pi(R)squared

ilovechrissy14 0

^2 is to the power of two. To the power of two is also referred to as a number squared. Nice try. manuals are not the answer (no pun intended). I'm an ME senior and appalled at how many...idiots...have made it this far using those, but maybe you just had a brain fart, I don't know. However, a word of advice: depending on which discipline it is, we usually just say (pi/4)D^2 because working with diameters is often more convenient.

cassiebear7652 7

Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, area equals pi r squared

I don't blame yah. With all the formulas we have to memorize, sometimes you forget the simple ones.

This!! So many numbers going through my head I forget everything!

Communications major: the polar opposite of civil engineering.

GoW_Chick 14

Knowledge is power! You must not be very powerful..

drawmesunshine 17

"Doctor, I'm ready for my heart transplant." "Hang on, let me Google how to do it first." You deserve it.

GovernorGeneral 8

" ok doctor , you google that while i google how to change doctors "

Too bad engineers don't save lives on split second decisions

RedPillSucks 31

Engineers built the Tacoma narrows bridge. Just think what might have happened had a doctor or an ambulance been on that bridge when it collapsed. Engineers may not save lives in split second decisions, but they do save or endanger lives based on how well they do their work.

GovernorGeneral 8

Whoah. I had to google that shit yesterday for my math exam this morning. Im in grade 10 though.... fyl :D

I had to sneak out during an exam to look it up on my iPhone.. I'm in college, though.

GovernorGeneral 8

What the heeck lol. Here in my high school you have to be supervised by 2 people to go to the washroom. And they take you ipod and such D; I hAvnt gone myself but yaaah.

Wow that's even more strict then airport security. Not like you have a bomb switch on you.

drawmesunshine 17

44, what in gay Hell kinda Communist high school do you go to? That seems unnecessarily strict.

Well it's not that shocking, in my school, during the national exams (done at the end of o-level and a-levels), we have the police over... But in regular exams, nah!!

hisgirlherboy 5

I didn't have to ether of those things cause I'm not stupid. I'm in 7th grade though.