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By  heyyou1203  |  0

dude... sue their ass. hopefully you got the plate #, b/c not only did they hit you, but they hit you on the sidewalk. were they drunk driving!?!? who the fuck does that!

By  heyyou1203  |  0

dude... sue their ass. hopefully you got the plate #, b/c not only did they hit you, but they hit you on the sidewalk. were they drunk driving!?!? who the fuck does that!


guys just saying, he said he learned that walking on the side walk doesnt mean you wont get hit by a car. HE LEARNED IT, its not saying that he did get hit by a car.

  Icalasari  |  0

And how would that make it an FML?

"Oh, look, somebody got hit by a car and taught me that sidewalks do not make me immune to traffic! FML!"

Sorry (for the OP), but the OP got hit by a car, and that was how they learned that valuable lesson

  Dats_Fd_up  |  0

I agree that he most likely was hit by the car, but you can't rule the other way. Because witnessing someone get hit by a car will affect your life, depending on the accident.

  blargity  |  0

anyone who thinks that they had to have gotten hit by a car for it to be an fml is a dumbass
a lot of other fml's on here aren't really fml material because they deserve it or something else like obsessing over small insignificant things like who wins a "reality show" but their lives are probably better than most people's lives
so this fml may or may not be a real fml because they didn't get hit by that car but please don't automatically assume that anyone who thinks it isn't an fml is a dumbass
edit: and seeing someone else get hit by a car can also be traumatizing


you guys a fucking retarded.
Are you really convinced that he didn't get hit by a car?
even the creators of FML know what he's talking about, or they wouldn't have drawn him GETTING HIT BY A CAR.
Some people are so dumb it amazes me.

  blargity  |  0

#176 the creators of fml dont illustrate these comics
they have other people do them and each person interprets an fml differently
you're dumb for not knowing that they have other people making them

  chanman  |  0

the lines are the optic nerves connecting the eyes to the brain, people.

And I loved the comment about Shia not taking Bumblebee to college. haha.

  irishdancer  |  0

Haha. It is funnier when British people (or whatever you personally may be) do the "your mom" jokes... because they say mum. I'm sorry, I find that funny!

  Tchernov9  |  0

I smell Deja Vu, this happened to my friend, except, it actually came out of the building and kept on driving. I have no freaking idea what happened to him, but he got knocked out and needed 20+ stitches.

By  allthewrongkeys  |  0


By  Seti_fml  |  0

maryland drivers tend to be freaking crazy so i can see this happening (having grown up in that state it's likely, they were trying to pass someone or something equally stupid.)

i hope you or someone nearby got a license plate number. Also i hope you didn't get badly injured from it.

  stereopump  |  0

2 Years ago, I would have thought you were kidding about Maryland drivers sucking at driving.

On my trip there, I saw a woman at a bus stop and I was at a red light. I saw a car speeding behind me, sure he was going to hit me. He swerved out of the way and hit the bus stop shelter full force, and I saw the blood on the window of the shelter...horrible.

  b_shizzle  |  0

Try moving to Montreal. My dad grew up there, and his friend's dad got a Ferrari and took my dad for a ride. They were on the highway going like 100km over the speed limit and got pulled over... Because the cop wanted to ask about the car. :P Didn't even get a ticket or a warning.

  ann_leigh  |  0

I agree with #208 New York drivers are definitely the worst. Once I was taking the airport bus home from the airport to my house, and the driver cut off this person so that they almost hit, so when we got stuck in the usual new york traffic, the guy got out of his car and started throwing rocks at the bus. and if the traffic in new york is bad, the actual drivers when they aren't stuck in traffic are so much worse.

  idogiam  |  0

ehm.... going to point this out.
this comment makes like, no sense.
yes, sure, there's something good in every situation... but this is, where the point is to point out the BAD in every situation...