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why would u take those kind of pics in the FIRST place?

You, sir, are an idiot. Taking pictures like that is fun, but it's always risky because they can fall into the wrong hands...


why would u take those kind of pics in the FIRST place?

You're an idiot.

Why would you not? ;)

Why would you NOT? ;)

I agree with 4. it's so get off to later duh.

Eep, my bad on the double commenting!

I was talking to 1, but OP is an idiot as well. :P

You're an idiot.

You're an idiot. Sorry, just wanted to join you guys.

kinky (; jk that's gross

No, you're an idiot.

to many bloody idoits

Well it's your fault. I personally feel bad for your girlfriend.

it's fun and they can use em to get off later... but yay now mommy can get off too

19, u look like the emo version of miley cyrus. LOL

Fuk u 17, u a ideot I aint no ideot.

23, wat screw u!!!

18, oh the beautiful irony, you IDIOT. :)

24, Im sorry, but I can't keep that up without cringing inside. However, you lose. 18, yeah! Your right! There are to many idiots here! Its a shame! They need to go back to there wholes and dye!

i r smartt. i took honers clases.

You are so dumb. You are really dumb. Fo' real.

what an arse. also what, #6?

lmfao 29 u spelt honors wrong... ye ofc u took "honers"

37, you're not that smart are you? She's being sarcastic.

Finally, someone understands. >.>

Yeah she was being sarcasm idiot. I really need to stop that.

28, I don't think they can fit into their mothers vagina anymore

41, you're right, but I was just looking for a sentence that I could mess up the most words in. :P

37- obviously 29 was TRYING to be funny (key word trying never said they were suceeding).

Oh, fuck you. :]

LMAO OP you're a dumbass =p

Taking those kinds of pics/videos are a lot of fun, usually!

it's just the Internet Running of the Idoits huh?

..Wholes? You mean holes, oh and it's not "dye" either. You're calling people idiots when you can't even spell whole, and die, which I think is elementary grade learning.

57 you fail so hard. he was being sarcastic

FYL because your mom will probably delete them.

ur way hot!!:)

where you guys eating unproportianally out of a DQ mini blizzard?

57 - repeat this real fast; I We Todd Ed. It might take more than once...

lol nice!!!! Antoine is awesome

57 you are unable to spell fluffy in your fucking name and you are also unable to understand sarcasm. I believe that's 3rd grade learning jackass

did anyone notice 32's epic win?

Wow... You are eight different kinds of stupid...

wtf ydi op

16, your hot (;

you guys are all idiots! i meen seriosly! and i cannot fallow the numbers you guys right :/

whoaaaa. I just realized 32's epic WIN... Homeboy.

hide ur kids hide ur wife reference= WIN!!!!

haha me an my bf have taken naughty pics :) ..... me on my bra and thong and him in his boxers.... Ahhh his dead sexy 8 pack!!!!

hide your kids hide your wifi, and hide your husband

That's why you own more then one memory card. Couldn't have been that good if you forgot they were on there.

You, sir, are an idiot. Taking pictures like that is fun, but it's always risky because they can fall into the wrong hands...

that's what a phone is for. and btw, you changed your pic back to the pretty you :D

#76 So you're saying the other pic was hideous? Woot for back-handed compliments.

No, He just wanted the pic with the glimpse of the AA cup.

Woah not "HIDEOUS". but not as nice :) ^ you are correct too. lol

Oh, bah humbug. I'm changing it to a less "pretty" pic.

It's still better than that one :)

Than which one? Good grief. Just to clarify, I was not meaning to show any accidental barely-there boob shots. I'll have to be more careful with my pics from now on, apparently.

Than the one before the one I commented just commented about. Gosh it's not complicated at all :/

I'm not an idiot, I'm just flustered and annoyed because I don't want to be known as a FML floozy because of one accidental almost boob-showing picture. :(

Who said you were an idiot? Pfft you think so negatively SMH. :( You didn't notice the pic you took of yourself? ._.

I'm not trying to be negative, I just don't want people to get the wrong idea and think I'm a slut or a ho or whatever it is you kids call it these days. I didn't think there was any "boob-age" in the picture at all, particularly because I wore a tank top under the dress to prevent such a thing. And besides, it's not like I have much there, so I assumed that the "boob-age" wasn't possible.

I don't think my comment posted. Anyhow, that pic was fine. So many girls take that type of pic where they lean forward :P

Your mum is gonna have some fun 

FUCK! ...Oh wait, you did.

You deserve it for being a cam whore! hah! :D


hmm next time. take a picture with your brain idk maybe your dad borrowed it for the weekend cuz your really stupid ( I no that was lame )

speaking of stupid, it's you're* and know*. moron.

"take a picture with your brain" ... Is OP to take out his brain and pose with it? ... I sure hope not!

did your mom like them?

You couldn't possibly deserve this more. It's your own fault for taking dirty pictures to begin with. It's your own fault for not bothering to at least properly store said pictures once you had taken them. Why would you ever give anyone your camera without checking to see what's on it first? You're an idiot.

What if your mum gets into trouble with some cops, and they ask to see her camera? She will get arrested for child pornography. YOU BASTARD. SENDING YOUR MUM TO JAIL LIKE THAT. :O