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  Schizomaniac  |  24

24, Im sorry, but I can't keep that up without cringing inside. However, you lose.

18, yeah! Your right! There are to many idiots here! Its a shame! They need
to go back to there wholes and dye!

  Fluffeh  |  5


You mean holes, oh and it's not "dye" either.

You're calling people idiots when you can't even spell whole, and die, which I think is elementary grade learning.

  Bon3less  |  0

57 you are unable to spell fluffy in your fucking name and you are also unable to understand sarcasm. I believe that's 3rd grade learning jackass

  nerdsgetmehot  |  22

Than which one? Good grief. Just to clarify, I was not meaning to show any accidental barely-there boob shots. I'll have to be more careful with my pics from now on, apparently.

  nerdsgetmehot  |  22

I'm not trying to be negative, I just don't want people to get the wrong idea and think I'm a slut or a ho or whatever it is you kids call it these days. I didn't think there was any "boob-age" in the picture at all, particularly because I wore a tank top under the dress to prevent such a thing. And besides, it's not like I have much there, so I assumed that the "boob-age" wasn't possible.

By  sallen0046  |  4

You couldn't possibly deserve this more. It's your own fault for taking dirty pictures to begin with. It's your own fault for not bothering to at least properly store said pictures once you had taken them. Why would you ever give anyone your camera without checking to see what's on it first? You're an idiot.

By  TaylorTotsYumm  |  10

What if your mum gets into trouble with some cops, and they ask to see her camera? She will get arrested for child pornography. YOU BASTARD. SENDING YOUR MUM TO JAIL LIKE THAT. :O