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Today, I was listening to music while my grandma and mom were in the same room. I only had one headphone in. My mom, thinking I had both in, started telling my grandma how much of a "little bitch" I am. My grandma went on to say, "She's also a slut." FML
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what kind of mom would do that. that is horrible. i feel realy bad for u. sorry :(

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Seriously, your relatives are shit. Or you're a bitchy ****. [:


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Have you considered that may have just been messing with you?? lol...i do that with my little brother all the time! it always manages to get him away from his

OP, OP, OP. How MANY times have we told you NOT to give grandpa lap dances at the dinner table?

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YDI for being a bitchy **** to your family.

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okay... well everbody gets called a bitch at some point, my mom always uses that when we fight. the **** thing was a bit overboard tell your grandma it's time for a retiring home?

Stop bitching and keep sucking you slutz I don't want to hear about your personal issues.

ashz4ever 6

That is really terrible! I am sorry for you! :(

colton_colton 49

They shouldn't say that regardless if she can hear or not

puplover752 2

what kind of mom would do that. that is horrible. i feel realy bad for u. sorry :(

How do you know?? Maybe OP is a bitch and a ****, you don't know anything about OP so why would you sympathise with them

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yea there must be SOME reason that your grandmom and mom called you a little bitch and ****. don't try to be the victim here

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I always get curious about FMLs like this because you only get the perspective of the writer. Seriously, she might be a horrible person. I can't imagine a mother and grandmother saying this unless there was a real reason for it.

My mom's done it too. She was talking with my aunt and i was a little bit away with my cousin and she started telling my aunt that i'm a "cold hearted bitch"

#56 - Because we're all human beings and no one deserves to hear that from a family member(s). That's just plain rude, they should have said it in privacy if they were serious, otherwise they should have told her they were just messing around.

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^ What she said is very true. I'd cry if my mom ever seriously called me a bitch (and wasn't mad at the time) : I'm sorry too, OP.

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Or her mom could be some self-centered ass clown that thinks the OP should do everything to suit her needs despite her being highly unreasonable, and the grandma could be uber old fashioned and thinks that just because the OP kisses her bf in public, or something like that, that makes her a ****.

Or maybe the fact that the OP is such a bitch that she would listen to her mp3 player while she has company over...

cucumberfabulous 7

Yea I probably are a bitch & a ****.. I don't think your grandma and mum would say that if it weren't true=/ that does indeed suck but ...YDI

Never did she say she was listening to a mp3 player, nor that she 'had company over'. What's to say she's not living with her mother, which is most likely, and they just happened to have a computer in the room for instance?

Yes because old people don't have ridiculous notions of what being a **** entails of i.e. letting your ankles be seen. And because the OP's ma and grandma are only capable of speaking infallible truths, otherwise known as facts in this case. Some people's parents are just unnecessarily rude to them. The fact that the grandma and ma would say that about her when she's in the room makes both of them **** muscles. Soooo really it would be understandable where the OP got her bitchiness from (if she indeed where a bitch).

LOL **** muscles. But, I've never known regular grandmother to be calling someone a **** over minor things. Great-grandmothers, yes, but not regulars. As for bitchy mothers, obviously moms are bitchy at times, but I seriously doubt she's the type to "demand" her daughter do "stupid tasks" and call her a bitch for not doing it... especially since it doesn't really matter, you really should do it even if it is stupid, because your mother told you so. God forbid you have to help her out with something after she's given birth to, sheltered, fed, and clothed you... And besides, mom would probably call her out if grandma was only referring to kissing and shit, even if she is bitchy. My mom thinks I can be a royal bitch sometimes (I can), but if any of my family members, grandmothers or otherwise, calls me a **** cause she saw me kissing somebody, she definitely will not stand for it.

THAT MAN SPEAKS TRUTH! maybe you shouldn't be a **** or a bitch.

Obviously so, but my point was that mothers would most likely fluff their feathers if their daughters were unjustly accused of something, even if they think they're bitches. Especially against their own mothers; it's like an insult to their parenting from their own parents (double whammy). A "rule" of parenting is that, unless it's the truth AND you're related, you can't say anything bad about how someone raises their children, but they can say as many bad things as they please.

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Uhm, personally, I have a mom who calls me a bitch if I dont follow her yeah. Lol.

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what demands? Don't be such a ****? Stop stealing my car? Don't screw your boyfriend in my bedroom? Those seem like reasonable demands

I've been called a **** by my mother before...why? Because I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years and two weeks later started dating my now husband. I was 19 at the time, graduating highschool...and she even said that if my new boyfriend came to my highschool graduation ceremony then she wasn't going to be there. Why? Because people would be talking about how I have "another boyfriend AGAIN"!...when my husband was only my 3rd boyfriend ever...and each relationships before him lasted about 3 years. So there are definitely mothers who are unnecessarily rude to their sucks and those aren't the only rude things she accused me of. When my husband was deployed to Iraq and she'd call me when I was at home she'd constantly be like "Who's with you! I can tell you're not alone, don't lie to me!" When I WAS in fact alone and I even had the TV muted...and when I went to TX during that time to visit his family, she tried to get our landlady to let her in our apartment so she can look for evidence of me cheating... I love my Mom very much because she's not always like that...but it does hurt really bad when she pulls sh!t like that...I'm her daughter and she's supposed to trust me.

@81: I am sorry that you are so hurt. No one can change what another person thinks about you; but you have the final choice in whether you let it affect you. Look for a counselor, trusted pastor, guidance counselor. You don't need to carry this load by yourself.

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After I got my own apartment and moved out, I realized how much of an ass I had been to my parents for giving me a comfortable life and paying for all of my expenses. I didn't realize the groceries I asked them to get costed so much until my first visit to the grocery store. Again, you've obviously done something wrong to make your caring parent who's bought you luxuries and a comfortable life to call you a bitch. I can let the grandma thing go though, depending on how old she is. It's not her job to put up with you when you're living in her house.

I´m sorry DameGreyWulf, but when did anecdotal evidence become actual fact or something you can justifiably use in an argument? Rhetorical question, but the answer is never! Besides, some people have grandmothers who ARE as old as others´ great-grandmothers. For instance, my paternal grandmother is 103. Your point is moot in any case. And how can you say "I seriously doubt she´s the type to demand her daughter" -- how do you know that?! You don´t know her mother! That is the most ridiculous comment I have ever read on the Internet, which is saying something (there is some hyperbole for you!).

"especially since it doesn't really matter, you really should do it even if it is stupid, because your mother told you so. God forbid you have to help her out with something after she's given birth to, sheltered, fed, and clothed you..." And refer to 99, as well. Also, you're using the tone of this anecdote as "evidence" in an argument yourself, lol

Damegreywulf I really hope you don't unconditionally do every single thing that your parent asks you to. What if your ma asks you to give her $50 so she can fuel her drinking habit, or asks for $500 just to bail her deadbeat bf/husband out of prison. That would be a time to say no to your parents. We don't know how her ma or grandma is so the OP could really be a bitchy ****, or her ma and grandma could really be unnecessarily rude. Even if her grandma were a young grandma that would give her even less room to call the OP a **** considering what would have to take place for the OP to be on the planet. And in the mom's case if she's willing to call her daughter a bitch I doubt she'd get defensive if her ma called her (the OP) one as well. Especially since you know, insubordination is not tolerated when honoring your parents. Anyhow, I'm all for honoring thy mother and father, but sometimes you gotta draw the line you know.

dcstream 0

You're using near unrealistic circumstances to support your argument. I've given my parents money before - but for the right reasons. When my Dad needed me to front him for a $500 truck repair for example. Or when my Mom's credit card was declined for a large purchase and I picked it up without asking to be repaid. In the first circumstance, it's something my Dad needed. In the second circumstance, it's a small token to everything my Mom's done for me. Your parents love you to almost impossible extremes. She probably has the attitude of an entitled brat. Also, I can totally see you using your unrealistic circumstance as a setup to tell us how you've had to pay for your parent's drug/drinking habit.

lolwut? Yes because life is all about peaches and gumdrops; those types of circumstances can never occur, or at the very least have a high probability of not occuring. What planet do you live on? Can anyone live there? Don't be naive, it's painful to me. Just because your circumstances are favorable it doesn't mean that that's the case for everybody. I don't care who it is or what they did for you, blindly following someone else's will is just stupid. It's ok little sheeple you'll have your own mind one day. Oh and your last statement is a huge contradiction; if it's an unrealistic circumstance how the hell would I use it to setup something that actually happened. Nevermind the fact that you couldn't be any further from the truth in your assumption of me.

dcstream 0

It's an assumption, and I worded it as an assumption did I ever once say it was true? And I've moved out already. By the way you speak and act, I can guess you're in you mid-teens, probably 15 - 16. I can also guess you're a whiny, entitled brat who think your parent's job is to supply you with every luxury, and they deserve to clean and pick up after you. I'm sure once you become an adult with a shred of maturity you would understand what I'm talking about. Not all parents are drunks or addicts, and not all parents are bad. She has an iPod, which signifies spare income. But in your world, Mom's going to sell that iPod to buy heroin and tell the little conformist she's creating to go sweep the kitchen floor, huh? :(

lol you're a hungry little troll aren't you? Either that or you're just really delusional and apparently can't read considering I never mentioned anything about you believing what you said was true, hence why I said your assumption....dumbass. I merely stated a counter to your argument, and told you not to be naive to what goes on outside of surburbia. I'm actually 22, in school, and don't really ask my parents for anything. Everything they give me is completely off of whim or dire necessity, and for the most part I don't give them any grief aside from the occasional disagreement on how to do something. You like to make assumptions don't you? And wrong ones at that. Let me show you how to make a decent assumption that has a high probability of being correct. Based off of how you can't comprehend how someone uses counter examples, that don't apply directly to them, to prove a point in an argument I can tell that you're a) a troll or b) an idiot. I also know that you either can't read very well or, as previously stated, that you have comprehension problems because you tried to defend your assumption by stating that it was an assumption after I had already recognized that fact and stated it. Which also further proves that you're an idiot. Furthermore, based off of the fact that you believe that moving out of your parents house has some type of relevance to this argument, and the fact that you view her having an Ipod, which isn't stated AT ALL, as some type of bases for anything (I hope you weren't trying to say that owning an Ipod is a sign of living the good life); I can tell that once again you're an idiot. Wow I'd hate to actually be around you, stupidity is contagious, and you might infect me. With all these wrong assumptions, and constant downing of people that don't live your privileged life, you sound like some uneducated douche of a frat boy that thinks he's four popped collars cool

I think the "unrealistic" part was that I doubt OP's mom is some drunkard who would call her child a bitch for not loaning her booze money. Usually, when you think someone is a bitch, it's for a greater reason or for more than one reason. For example, she'd have to deny her money in general, because she would always assume that her mother needed it for booze. In my opinion, that IS a fairly bitchy thing to do (meaning, the constant assumption). Or, maybe instead, along with never giving the booze money, she doesn't do anything around the house and complains when she's forced; that's definitely bitchy. Sometimes the truth is you're just a bitch. Is being a bitch always a bad thing, though? Not necessarily. Never giving your mother any credit is pretty bad, but at the same time you're justified. She still thinks you're a bitch, though. Of course, my mother takes my money whether I like it or not, and sometimes to pay for her cigarettes. I've raged at her a couple times about it, yes, and HAVE been a bitch about it too, but I think she has done a lot for me that outweighs her smoking habit, and she usually isn't so much of an ass that she smokes while I'm about, since she knows I hate it. And I'm fairly sure you knew the angle I was meaning was that you should always help around the house for your parents, sometimes bail them out of jams (as in what dc was saying), and be grateful to them, not whine about having to do something for them.

Yea I knew what you were talking about Dame I just wanted to make sure you were clear on what I was saying and not mistake me for being some ungrateful little snot to my parents. Which is why I never ruled out that the OP could just be made of bitch. Yes usually people are called bitches, or whatever, for various reasons, but a lot of times its a stupid reason brought on cuz the other person couldn't have their way. Anywho, I enjoy playing devil's advocate from time to time just to see if I can get a good debate, or laugh, out of it. In this case I got a laugh out of dc's idiocy for taking what I said to be a literal interpretation of my life lol You're kool though, I rocks with you :D

No they ******* don’t shut your dumbass mouth

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Seriously, your relatives are shit. Or you're a bitchy ****. [:

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That makes me want to write a parody of what what in the butt... like... Bitch bitch, bitchy ****. Bitch bitch bitch bitchy ****! ... Don't ask. OP, sorry your mom and grandma are **** muffins.

bitchfaced **** maybe? idk just throwing that out there.

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bitchy slutty bitchy slutfaced **** bitch? LOl I found these replies funny so I continued the combo

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well your mom and grandma wouldn't say that for no reason... YDI

if you always have headphones on when theres other people arround you and especially your grandmother that's not very cool but its no reason for talking shit maybe that's why you wearing them headphones FYL

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"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" I'm pretty sure you can use this

lol. hecka sad. I wouldve been like. yeah I got it from yo betch ass!

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