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  noobgang7  |  5

Clean it up? OP can't even get his/her lazy ass out of bed to let the dog out in the first place. Apparently the dog is expected to unlock/open the door on her own.

  Fmmom  |  6

Maybe he/she was still asleep when the dog defecated in his/her bed. Perhaps the dog is getting old, or simply lazy. Most dogs would at least go on the floor, if not insist on going out. But, then again, you are just a troll.

  KaySL  |  24

Speaking of which, I really need to buy that crate of sniper rifle ammunition. Oh wait, I'm slipping over into my Douche x3 personality...


Well shit, I'm sorry you had to witness that, TulsaFML, but at least your days among the living are numbered anyway. You won't have to live with the mental scarring for that much longer.

  FarSide  |  22

Well, you might as well not leave any loop holes. Let's throw in the following synonyms too:

Anal impaction, ass goblins, ass kabobs, ass monkeys, black banana, blind eels,
blow mud, boggy crapper, boulder, butt dribblets, butt drool, ca-ca, cattle cookies,
chimp chunks, chocolate channel chewie, chocolate explosion, colon cannonballs,
corn eyed butt snake, corn massacre, cow farts, crap, creamy butt nuggets, cut off a load,
defecate, digested Crayola box, dog logs, doggy sausage, drop ass goblins,
dukey (my personal favorite), dump, Easter Bunny's present, egest, elk duds,
excretion, frightened turtle, hardened fudge nuggets, hell's candy, human expresso machine,
Indian rug burns, kagatzka, keester cakes, lawn sausage, Mississippi mud, monglin cluster shit,
mudfat balls, pass, peanut butter poop, potty animals, product of Uranus, screaming mimis,
sea pickle, sewer serpents, shitsicles, space slug, stool, Super Shit Man,
supersonic sewer sauce, talk to a man about a horse, tangy butt nuts, the fourth teletubby,
toilet bowl stew, tom cruise missiles, toxic turdeys, turd tunnel tasty, and yellow submarine.