By poopybed - 01/04/2011 21:12 - United States

Today, I found out that my dog is so lazy, she doesn't even get out of my bed in the morning to poop. FML
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I wouldn't get out of bed to poop if I knew someone else would clean it up. Why bother!?

YDI.... your dog is sick. if anyone's lazy it's you for not taking the poor thing to the vet.


do you have fun cleaning it up?

noobgang7 5

Clean it up? OP can't even get his/her lazy ass out of bed to let the dog out in the first place. Apparently the dog is expected to unlock/open the door on her own.

^agreed haha

msmandy 0

55... ever heard of a doggy door? haha

wait, anybody else notice op thought it was gross to poop the bed. hmmm. maybe that's why nobody sleeps over at my house twice.

YDI for having a lazy dog, make it not lazy, motivate it, dont force it. You can feed it all you want, doesnt make you a good owner

noobgang7 5

61, I've heard of them, but since the OP is too lazy to clean her bed, she is also too lazy to install one.

F14Shado 0

85 I'm dying. lolololol

Fmmom 6

Maybe he/she was still asleep when the dog defecated in his/her bed. Perhaps the dog is getting old, or simply lazy. Most dogs would at least go on the floor, if not insist on going out. But, then again, you are just a troll.

I guess he's a poopy dog!

it's a shity dog. :D c what I do there.?

Guess what? That's a shitty situat... Oh. Nevermind.

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lol @ yellow submarine (:

nahhh I just like the beatles and I thought that was random so it made me laugh (I must admit I did not read it just saw that) (:

38 nice novel, bro

lol @ 38: corn eye butt snake

Digested Crayola box?! XD WOW

The 4th teletubby LOL

noelykins1 19


hey 12, did you just have a seizure?

I wouldn't get out of bed to poop if I knew someone else would clean it up. Why bother!?

I think we should date. You sound like my kinda man.

akwarrrd^^ but so so true :) () () (*_*) ((__))o

it's a dog!

Dogs take after their owners, so my guess is you saw it and was too lazy to clean it up, went back to bed and worried about it later.

caracherries 0

or never even gave a **** to train him properly in the first place.

Capt_Oblivious 10

Well, neither do I. But I wear a diaper so it's all good. Try that on your dog.

Well for starters, don't let her sleep in your bed.

Xquisite1 28

Ydi for letting a dog sleep in your bed.


AKALurch 0

Ur dog is probably sick :(

YDI.... your dog is sick. if anyone's lazy it's you for not taking the poor thing to the vet.

how do you figure the dog is sick? sounds like just a poorly trained dog to me.

astronautmichael 0

My cats shit on my bed all the time even when the box is clean right down the hall. They throw up too. It's pretty bad.

22cute 17

oooo can I come sleep with you?

lilvicky 0

Ewww gross!

cats do that to try to show they are the boss of you. s'true