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By  sdroze1389  |  31

and here come the sanctimonious anti smoking ydi s. so predictable fml.

  your_ma  |  27

That was a humble-brag. Like "oh my dick is so huge every girl I know wants it and I have to sleep with a different girl every weekend, it's leaving me no free time!"


Actually, to be fair, it can kind of be a bummer. The whole point of sex is to enjoy each other's intimate company in a way that's extremely spiritual as well as physical. If there's no climax to it, no matter how good it feels, it just kind of feels like you're disappointing your partner.

Fucking for a solid hour and getting nowhere makes you feel selfish, especially when your body physically cannot keep it up anymore to keep trying.

  tygerarmy  |  35

Because of the wording I took it as a humble brag too.
Like people said though lasting long can make both partners feel insecure. I can last long, but then if the other person lasts a long time as well, I can't always finish because I've held it for too long.

  little_one  |  20

Honestly I've heard a good percentage of girls can't climax during sex so if OP is a girl that's less surprising and less bragging to say it took that long to finish. Although I'm confused if you can't cum during intercourse... Wouldn't you just want foreplay and nothing else? No wonder some girls just lie there lol.

  smokecloud_  |  37

I almost never get off from the actual intercourse, only from the foreplay. I still enjoy sex and don't just 'lie there'. I don't always care if I get one or not because I still effin' love fucking. It's awesome.

  1dvos_grl3  |  21

I've dated a guy who never lasted more than 5 minutes, I was very disappointed in that cause I was never satisfied. I prefer to have a guy out last me. cause when I'm finished I could finish him off with a blow.

  Dumb_dude  |  35

If it takes to long it starts to hurt. After an hour I generally faked an orgasm so he would finally stop. It's not in the internal bits that start to hurt so much for me it's the SIJ and hips that's the problem. Changing positions does not work. Many women can't climax from PIV. Sometimes I literally cannot walk after. My husband was so proud of that, but without an orgasm for either of us, it's just not worth it.

  little_one  |  20

#66 when I meant lie there I mean like straight faced making no sound. Like fucking a board. I usually orgasm more from sex than foreplay but I guess I'm an oddity. Thank you g-spot! :D

  cnbcad  |  15

I don't know. Can't do it any longer but when I was younger and in better shape 3 hours wasn't unusual. I remember the ocassional cig break, weed break, once a bathroom break, and once my wife passed out from excessive muscle contraction. And passion was not a problem.
Youth is wasted on the young.

By  Pstraka6  |  20

Both aren't bad brother. A lot of people crave having a cigarette during or after sex because it feels fantastic and since when was lasting long a bad thing. Take your break and get back in there!