By frapples1 - 21/12/2009 19:30 - United States

Today, I was at a family party and everyone was seeing my new glasses for the first time. My 48 year old uncle told me that I look like a hot librarian and then grabbed my ass. He was still sober. FML
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Whoa, Id get out of there fast. Thats a little creepy haha

creeeeeeeeeeeepy.this just follows the stereotypes about uncles


Whoa, Id get out of there fast. Thats a little creepy haha

That just means that you're really sexy. I'd takethat as a complement.

ari330 21

you're disgusting, that's her uncle you freak. I bet you love incest

#64 you've got some serious problems if you feel flattered when someone sexually harasses/molests you. Touching someone's private parts against their will is NEVER flattering, no matter the context.

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80 is a racist bast*rd who should go take a long walk off of a short pier.

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and you're just a bastard who can't take a joke.

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Being racist isn't a joke. But nice try bud

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I promise I wouldn't be acting like I didn't like it. Nobody likes incest...

creeeeeeeeeeeepy.this just follows the stereotypes about uncles

And I wondered why the pages are so sticky Here's to smokin' nerds

Who's to say it wasn't an Uncle who was only married into the family?

Because that makes it better how?? XD Being molested by some unknown guy is not any better than being molested by some dude who's been in the family for longer. Both are pretty sucky.

Sunbolt 0

who's that hiding in the bamboo trees? sexual harasment panda! ( incest)

that is so scary... u have a rapist uncle =S stay away

Take them back and buy a pair that doesn't promote incest.

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Because every girl needs a molester uncle.

If you have a creepy uncle riding right behind you then you must be good looking. Congrats at looking like a hot librarian. I think your uncle has a fetish for glasses...and librarians.

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boatkicker 4

See, jokes like that are the norm in my family. My family goes out of their way to be creepy, but because it's so intentional, none of it is. I guess I forget that every family has different quirks. I can totally see how it would be creepy if that wasn't normal in your family though.

ari330 21

you're disgusting and your family is wrong and should all have background checks

What #14 said. You might remind him that this is sexual assault.

I agree with #14 and #16. It is pretty much as bad as your own father (mother in a son's case) doing that to his own daughter O_O

whoa. i told my niece the same thing...wierg...

hthelittleone 10

Oh yeah. My uncle grabs my ass all the time. Hardy har