By Completely Fed Up - United States - Spokane
Today, after 2 weeks of hard work in the heat planting a garden, just as I thought the most stressful part was over, my wife's mother comes over and brings a huge dog. She then threw a tennis ball for the dog into my freshly seeded garden multiple times, completely destroying most of it. FML
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By  IorvethTheXolo  |  8

See, everyone knows that their dog is not welcome at my house unless I have invited the dog to come play with mine or it's a well behaved dog that's kept on a leash. My dogs are well behaved and most people know that at least the youngest one is always with us, but if the dogs weren't specifically invited, they stay on a leash or at home if it's someone who would rather they not be there. I've been lucky to have lots of friends just like me whose dogs go everywhere with them so don't mind me bringing mine, but I can't even imagine just assuming it was okay to turn one out in the yard to play fetch without permission at someone else's house.


That's how it should be done. My dogs are absolute terrors with other dogs and small children, and mostly at the fault of the other party. However, I'd still like to be aware if other people are coming over. I'm not gonna lock my dogs away just because I have a surprise guest. My dogs live here.

  dkane  |  12

With it being his wife's mom, his wife probably said it was okay, and it seems as if the dog was well behaved, but the mother-in-law throwing the tennis in the garden wasn't so much.