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  logicalliv  |  9

Not necessarily. Plus, it's the buyers responsibility to do an inspection before the closing. Unless they deliberately misled, lied, or otherwise engaged in some kind of fraud, the buyer is probably screwed. that's what home inspections are supposed to find. That said, crap always goes wrong whenever a house is sold. We had to replace the furnace, water heater and AC unit the first year we moved in. :)

  stormy0307  |  16

Home inspections where I live usually don’t cover that. When my wife and I bought our house we had to hire a plumber ourselves to come out and inspect the sewer lines during the due diligence period.

By  wanted_2_want  |  40

Most banks require that the title company give a ONE year warranty on the main components of the house: plumbing, frame, electric, etc. regardless of age of structure.
Sometimes the bank also requires an independent inspection by a certified company. They carry liability insurance for the same reasons.

Now if you paid in full in cash at closing time (like on those “flip-homes” or restoration homes) and didn’t hire an inspector then you’ll need a ‘really good’ real estate lawyer.

By  volunteer  |  8

wow. that's awful. it's really FML.

By  volunteer  |  8

There's need to talk with your brokered . Them had to tell you that all before buying it. I think them knew it all already just don't tell you.