By Anonymous - 30/09/2017 13:00

Today, workers came to my house to fix residual moisture damage in my walls left behind by Hurricane Irma. Said workers then burst a water pipe and flooded my entire apartment in the time it took figure out how to turn it off. FML
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Who on earth did you hire? The Mario brothers?

Well, plumbing is indeed their game. And, in fact, they're not like the others that get all the fame.

With a few exceptions though, we rarely see them actually do any plumbing.

Why would they make a show when they're working? That would be rude of us to ask for! Do you like getting disturbed at work?

That's what you get when you hire non-union workers

It would be funny if the workers were named Jose and Maria.

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Simple fix. Dry all the excess water and then fill apartment with two to three inches of rice to absorb the moisture. Come back in a week and voila, like nothing ever happened. Except you need to vacuum a ton of rice.

You think that would be the FIRST thing they'd do...