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  jackel_love  |  14

I imagine this in my head and I can't help, but laugh. A grown 400 lbs disgruntled man decides the only way to express his anger is by throwing his homemade turd at someone. I hope I'm not the only person that hopes this gets turned into an illustration lol.

  rick_maahea  |  12

They usually actually eat a bad diet to give themselves diareaa and put it in a foam cup and "chunk" it when the officer pops the food slot open to either cuff them or give them the food tray. This happens mostly in administrative segregation.

  skatoolaki  |  24

Actually that's not uncommon in jails & prisons, especially those where the inmates are locked in their cells 23 hours/day - solitary confinement and the like. They often go a bit crazy and fling their own waste at guards, other inmates, etc. All that time on their hands, they even get creative mixing stuff with their urine or feces so they're often not allowed to have anything in packets or bottles (from ketchup and hot sauce to shampoo). I know someone who has worked at a penitentiary for over 15 years and he tells me some crazy stories but that's actually a common occurrence!

  niallo  |  23

Actually, you don't have to throw nor back. He assaulted a prison officer with a biohazardious item. You get to wash off some shit, he gets a few more years. Poor baby. Bet he says they did it cuz of discrimination.

  mete_orito  |  34

What exactly are you suggesting? Taking advantage of a position of power (in this case, it seems OP is a prision guard) doesn't sound very ethic and professional.