By fmldr - United States
Today, I learned my wife wasn't speaking to me because our daughter told her I kissed another woman. My daughter neglected to mention that this happened when she came to work with me yesterday, and the kiss was between me and the dummy I use to teach my interns CPR. My wife doesn't believe me. FML
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  Reyo  |  2

You're wife must be paranoid as hell when it comes to losing you if she's willing to believe the word of a little girl as law. Actually...use this to your advantage. Tell your daughtor to run up to mommy and say "Daddy needs a sammich, and you should make him one". If that works, you're the luckiest man in the world.

  expen_dable  |  0

see you are the psychotic girlfriend type that would try to find every reason to prove he's lying. hopefully you are too ugly or fat to date a guy and make him miserable with your paranoia.

  ScaryyMary  |  14

Kissing another woman? One made of RUBBER?! For shame...

So I've been wondering: When you bang a rubber chick, to you wear a "rubber" for safety? Or would wearing one get her preggers with little inflatable babies?

  KaySL  |  24

I guess the only saving throw that can be done here is to say it was a blowup sex-doll, and the OP only did it cause the wife is being a tightass about pleasing him. Though then again, that would involve a male avoiding a financially crippling divorce. Hmmm...

  Books4Me  |  0

Well just wait until you have a couple of 'ragrats' of your own. And if you don't want them, don't judge others until you know how busy their life is, or how much money they /don't/ have for a babysitter, etc etc.