By Unemployed - 31/8/2021 16:01

Private everything, always!

Today, I received an e-mail telling me the job offer I got last week was rescinded. Apparently, the memes I share on my Instagram page are "tasteless" and don’t fit the company’s values. I forgot my profile is public. FML
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  ChipBoundary  |  9

what they do on their social media is none of your business. If they show up, do their job well, and don't create problems at work, it is none of your business.

By  Charlie Given  |  24

Recently in court people have sued companies for this stuff and have won,because it's considered stocking in some states and invasion of privacy in others, because your public life has nothing to do with your work life if I was you I'd consult a lawyer.

  mike3775  |  34

I don’t think OP has much of a shot winning, because she was offered a job, but had not started. So she wasn’t an employee yet.

You also have to remember, depending on which state in the US someone lives, a company can fire you for any reason at any time they wish. I had to let someone go because my boss (the owner) was losing business because of what an employee had posted on their public Facebook page wearing the ID badge of the business.