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Today, my vegan girlfriend openly admitted that she'd let me die if she had to choose between saving my life or an animal's. She actually seemed confused as to why that upset me. FML
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PSYqualiac 17

She was probably more concerned about the meat she doesn't eat. Sorry if my joke isn't kosher. I'm just hamming it up.


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Shadowvoid 33

But i mean humans may not be animals but wouldn't be the same concept. Letting any creature die would be against her beliefs. Also if she even had any remote connection with OP, wouldn't you think she would choose hime over any rabid animal she doesn't know. (Yes i am aware that not all wild animals are rabid, this is hypothetical)

MzZombicidal 36

That's why OP is upset, #6...

Reminds me of the joke "if someone is a vegan who also does crossfit which one do they manage to fit into a conversation first?" :p

I wanted to say "trick question -- vegans don't lift" but then I remembered, neither do people in crossfit. :/

There's a vegan at my college who says "if someone attacked me i wouldn't fight back because i wouldn't like to hurt them"

That's actually kind of admirable. I mean, it's not very self-preserving and I'd be surprised if they could actually go through with it as it kind of goes against your natural instincts. But it's pretty brave. Like some kind of super monk or something. And hey, I guess there might be some people who would stop beating on you when they realise you're not even it might just save you as well.

Should tell her that if you had to choose between killing an animal and saving her, you'd choose to kill an animal.

Well there is a difference, you have more chance of somehow saving yourself.. An animal, such as a chicken for example, is small and practically defenceless compared to a human

tazmanmike2013 17

I see your point but totally disagree. Especially your example that if someone is beating on you and you don't fight back, they may quit. Chances are if someone is beating on you and you don't fight back, they're going to beat harder. People who instigate fights don't typically have the moral values to say, "Hey, he/she is a pacifist, let me respect that!"

If someone had OP at gun point, and a chicken right next to him at gun point, he has no more of a chance then the chicken to survive. So I hope she is equally confused when he leaves her.

Shadowvoid 33

I know why OP was upset. Why are you pointing that out to me. My point was that the girlfriend must not have a real connection to OP

52 - By 'not very self-preserving' I actually meant that, as well as not defineding yourself, people may actually beat you harder, at least initially, for not even trying. I suppose I should've explained that but I kind of thought it was obvious. By saying some people may give up well...they have to give up eventually, unless they're planning on killing you. But there may be some people that get bored and give up. I hardly expect the majority to react that way though. I still think it's admirable to stick to your principles even if it may put you in danger (as long as you're not putting others in danger too).

#48, humans are actually quite fragile compared to most animals. The only reason we survive is that we are smarter and use tools. You use the example of a chicken, but ignore the many other animals that have more than a fair chance in a fight, such as the dog in my picture, who is now 60 pounds and capable of killing me before I have a chance to fight back.

BamBAmGG 14

#44 That's just crude. Op doesn't need to be a bitch about it just cause his girlfriend has a compassionate heart towards animals.

PSYqualiac 17

She was probably more concerned about the meat she doesn't eat. Sorry if my joke isn't kosher. I'm just hamming it up.

Well, now you know where you stand. And in my opinion...Get the **** outta there! I'm all for loving your pet and what not. But she just took it too far.

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I'm pretty sure they're just joking 63. Pretty much everyone on FML is very understanding and wants equality for all people (and animals even). Sometimes it's just funny to make jokes.

#63; I wouldn't say a simple joke is cause to call me "full of hate."

#63, I totally agree with you. I get a few simple jokes. Yeah, there are a lot of extremist vegans who don't waste any time pushing what they believe on you, so naturally vegans might be the punchline of a few not-so-nice jokes. But when you say things like, "As if veganism ever goes right," and "She just needs some bacon," that seems unnecessarily rude and insensitive of a vegan's beliefs. There are plenty of reasonable vegans who don't push their beliefs on others who simply want to do their part to minimize or eliminate pain and death. You don't often hear about those vegans because they aren't haphazardly vocalizing and pushing their beliefs on others. It might be worth thinking about the next time you are tempted to make a mean or over-generalizing statement about all vegans.

myoukei 31

Okay, i respect people's choices, and if you wana be vegan that's fine: you do you. There is however a difference between being a vegan and being an extremist. Your gf is unfortunately the later.

There is an actual difference? Honestly, I am a great fan of "live and let live", but so far I have never met a vegan who did not behave like a complete jerk. Hell, the few vegans I know seem to spend most of the time bitching who is the best vegan or who is more vegan than the others. And in case they are not arguing with each other, they unite to attack everyone else.

askullnamedbilly 33

Being a vegan is pretty much the same as being an extremist vegetarian.

Allornone 35

I actually do know a vegan who is very nice about it. She only brings it up when it's relevant to the conversation, has never openly judged her meat-eating brethren, etc. veganism is her own personal belief, and she understands that. My point is- normal vegans are out there. They are just overshadowed by the pretentious, insufferable tools.

i and my best friend are both vegans. i can guarantee you were are not "bitches" about it and realize not everybody lives the same lifestyle as we do. she is more hardcore than i am, if i go on a date or to a family function, i don't request everything be vegan. i eat what they serve (exception of meat, i personally cant go that far) its unfortunate that everyone on this site either hates vegans/or has run into a bitchy one.

I know a whole family of vegans (and one vegetarian) who have never been assholes about being vegan. They'll even cook non-vegan food for their son (the vegetarian). They don't really talk about it either, and they've never criticized me or anyone else for not being vegan.

beanthemouse 13

Most vegans I have met are nice. I have met a lot of shit ones though.

Someone doesn't understand the point of being vegan..... It means animals are equal to humans, not more important than them.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Four legs good, two legs bad. Ye gods I didn't know anyone took that literally ...

That's when you buy the biggest steak you can, cook it with her vegetables, and eat it in front of her.