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Today, my university professor admitted to sometimes just winging it when she's teaching. "Yeah," she said, "sometimes I just don't get this stuff either." No wonder I'm failing. FML
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Ummm you need to contact the Dean IMMEDIATELY. You not getting the grade you deserve over a Professor not even knowing the material is ridiculous. Keep working hard though, it'll all come together! Best of luck

You know what they say. Those who can't do, teach.


Pstraka6 20

Ummm you need to contact the Dean IMMEDIATELY. You not getting the grade you deserve over a Professor not even knowing the material is ridiculous. Keep working hard though, it'll all come together! Best of luck

Amen to that I had the same problem people pay to much for education to be taught by a confuse professor

My aunt is a math teacher (in highschool), and I happen to be great at math. She always nagged me to try and help her learn the material she had to teach. :| (actually she wasn't half bad, and she sometimes helped me with my homework when there was a problem I had difficulty with. it still bothered me though that she was teaching, yet openly admitted to learning/relearning the material just before she teaches.)

University courses are just getting sloppier by the year, desperately trying to keep up with the non-selective intake of students. Last term I actually had to study a module called 'Eras of English' where we literally had to cover one entire era of English literature and all that it encompassed every week. Being that those poor overworked lecturers don't get enough free time (note: sarcasm) we only had one 2 hour lecture per week and the rest is 'independent study'. Meaning we're paying an absolute fortune to learn by ourselves from a textbook. It's appalling.

Not only universities are sloppy, but so are grade schools. My English final last year had so many mistakes I took the first couple of minutes correcting them. It's sad to see some teachers not care about their students, because they're raising the future. This isn't to say all teachers are bad; there are many that are fantastic teachers.

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Am I the only one who wonders why the fmls end in '5ML'?

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I think it's really sad that many university teachers don't try harder. It makes me upset whenever anyone says that teachers don't care (not saying anyone on this thread did), because my mom is a 3rd grade teacher. She's known she wanted to do that since she was in kindergarten. We fight a lot, but I can't ignore the fact that she's basically a miracle worker. I've seen so many kids turned around in her class (kids who won't talk are laughing by the end of the year, kids who just throw fits will be calm at the end, etc). In high school, I also noticed that the teachers who seemed to make more of an effort (just in my opinion from what I saw at my school) were the high-level teachers. My AP Psych and Dual Enrollment English classes were my favorite, because the teachers didn't take BS but they also understood that we had 7 classes besides their own, and the students in those classes weren't immature; they were there to learn just like I was. I'm sorry for the rant, I just wanted to share my experiences. :)

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60, I completely agree wth with you on that last part. When I was a kid, I was a very smart student (almost skipped a grade twice in elementary but my parents...) and my teachers were great. The same in middle school and high school. In hs though, I didn't really focus in my classes. Not that my smarts went away, I got lazy. I focused only in choir and I still got great teachers! They never sucked and that was because I was considered smart. My other friends however had terrible teachers and they were in lower classes than me. So I do agree A LOT of the best teachers are honors/AP teachers. Also if you notice, the lower performing classes don't focus or pay attention and that's partly their fault too in why the teachers don't do their job. I know that because my senior hear I did take one sucky class, English.

#37: have you ever worked in that industry? If not, you have no idea on how busy we actually are. Students see a quarter of the workload required and then bitch and moan. Try adding in the prep, marking, research supervision, own research, strategic meetings, professional development and keeping current with the latest research / ideas in your own speciality area. That's not even counting student meetings and replying to emails etc from students in class to help clarify concerns. Most academics I work with are paid for 37.5 hrs per week and work a minimum of 45. It's a great job, but we are not as lazy with a ton of free time like you suggest!

My countries school system. You gotta love it.

this sounds like online university which im taking.

#69: To be perfectly honest I don't care how much work you have to put in. The University I go to is private, meaning I have to pay upwards of £5000 per term, which is not including the tuition money I get as a student loan and will later have to pay back. I'm not sure how your universities work but my university recycles modules. The same modules are taught by the same people once every year or every 2 years, meaning the planning is already done (and don't try to tell me they plan new recourses because we regularly got sheets and information from previous years, including our coursework instructions which had all the wrong dates on it) and all she has to do is show up to lectures, I also don't think it's acceptable to have your lecture consist of nothing but a powerpoint and her arrogantly spouting information out of her teachers guide textbook. If i'm paying over £5000 per term, and only have 10 lectures in that term, thats £500 per lecture. Three lectures were cancelled last term. That's £1500 wasted. Are you seriously telling me that you think this is acceptable? Please don't patronise me when you clearly work under different circumstances. I know what my university is like, and as I work as an office aide, I also know how much time my lecturers spend in their offices doing very little, and how much prep they do, because a lot of the time yours truly ends up doing it for them! You can say you put in as much effort as you like but at the end of the day you have to remember that students pay an absolute fortune for the privilege of attending university, and the overall service they receive is just not acceptable. I have 5 days off a week this term, do you think that's acceptable? How is it that you as a lecturer are so overworked, but when my dad went to Manchester uni, he had upwards of 3 lectures a week? Don't even try to pretend that the standard has declined over time, everybody knows it has, theres no acceptable reason for it other than people getting away with doing the bare minimum. Don't you dare tell me not to 'bitch and moan' when after a year or two you'll never see us again, but we'll likely be in debt for the rest of our lives. So yes, I do work in 'that industry' at least close enough to know exactly how it works, and I didn't say YOU had free time, I said students have too much fee time, as a University lecturer you either should have picked up on that or shouldn't be twisting my words. Get over yourself.

You know what they say. Those who can't do, teach.

How I hate that phrase, so negative and not true for the majority of teachers...but even if it WAS true, it's not gonna get better if you're complacent. Report this. Either she needs to improve (unlikely with that attitude) or someone else needs to be given her job.

13 - Those who can't teach, teach gym. According to Jack Black, anyway.

#2: they also say that those that listen to metal worship satan and are generally lower in iq than others. You agree with that too? Because I don't believe either your statement or the one I quoted above

Teaching is a very honorable profession, and this quote is rather demeaning. Not every single person in every single profession or career will always be great at what they do.

Will take more than one person to change the dean's mind, but might be worth a shot...

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Try turning it off and on again.

Not bribery but maybe blackmail the teacher.

#36 If you're trying to bang the teacher, it might work.

Why the **** does someone keep putting 5ML at the end?