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Today, I've been one year sober. My health has improved a lot, unlike my social life, which has died a horrible, lonely death. FML
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Just goes to show that those people weren't really your friends. There are so many other things in life to occupy your time..... You don't need a type of drug to have a good time.


Just goes to show that those people weren't really your friends. There are so many other things in life to occupy your time..... You don't need a type of drug to have a good time.

Preach #1, everybody that is an addict needed to hear that! Especially OP

1 is exactly right OP. And it gets better as far as the social life goes. My husband is six months sober and while he still misses his old drinking buddies from time to time, he is starting to find new friends that don't drink or if they do, they don't try and get him to and he is much happier with them.

Good for you op! It shouldn't matter what they choose to do, as long as you're clean and healthy you should feel great about yourself. Keep it up (:


You've made a major (and positive) lifestyle change. Set small goals for yourself to build a new social life without alcohol. Believe me, as you learn how to have fun sober, you will build a new circle of friends that will love and support you. Oh, and if you are going to AA meetings, keep it up. Give them a try if you are not. Plenty of people there who are going through the same things you are.

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So saith the person who probably enjoys coffee with friends.

Probably one of the best first comments this site has seen, well done, 1! OP, congratulations for keeping sober despite feeling left alone by your former buddies! Just keep it up, day by day, and your social life will come back in a healthier, more honest and less destructive form!

#64, if your comment was directed towards me, no, I have a very limited caffeine intake. This includes no coffee, soda, or candy. I say limited because caffeine is in so many things that, personally, it would take too much effort to completely eliminate it from my diet. Thanks for assuming you knew anything about me though! Keep up your good work.

This is so true. You will be fine on your own. It may not be great at first but you will be so much happier in the end.

#1- very well said! While you might've had people to hang around with who only liked you because you would party with them, they weren't your true friends. You have to have difficult times before you can really appreciate good times. You will find people who appreciate you for who you are and you will be grateful that you make the choice to get sober and leave your old "friends" behind. Good luck, OP. It's difficult but it's totally worth it.

Sorry your friends ditched you for bettering your life. You deserve better.

Yeah well you're going to be the one laughing when they're 50 and can hardly breathe. OP being sober is going to be so good for you in the long run, you don't even KNOW what a great decision you've made. You can always make new friends, a new liver is a little more difficult to create.

Some don't make it to 50. My dad passed away at 41 from drinking 2/3rds of his life away. Not saying everyone needs to go down my route, but I don't drink at all and I have great friends and family that back that.

What does breathing have to do with drinking? I get the liver comment but barely breathing?

16 you've clearly never met a truly sick person before have you? When your liver and kidneys shut down, everything else starts to go with it. Watching someone die really teaches you a lot about your body, and frankly, makes you respect your life a lot more. I know I keep commenting but this FML hit close to home.

No I've got two uncles and a few military friends in AA. And a few who aren't in AA that need to be. Gotta say never seen any of them on oxygen tanks to treat anything drinking related.

You need to meet friends who can have fun and enjoy themselves without the need for alcohol

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You have to get involved! A social life doesn't just come to you, try doing things you enjoy to find people with similar interests.

#7 has it completely right. AA is an amazing tool for finding people who share at least one thing in common with you. You gotta get out there and mingle, don't be a "dry drunk."

Maybe find a hobby and start a class where you can meet friends. Try a painting or photography class or something. Maybe join a group at a church and see if you can meet people there? Although there are some Christians that do drink, you can often find a lot that never do. They often hold hobby classes at churches as well.

I wish I could thumb this up repeatedly. OP, now that you're sober, you can go make 'normal' friends! Get out there, join a bowling team, take yoga, go to Starbucks and buy a stranger coffee :) The options are endless!

Now you can go out, meet and make some real friends doing something you like that doesn't involve alcohol. It'll work its way out it in the end

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Congrats on being one year sober. :) Now you can find friends who don't need alcohol to have a good time.