By TaffyMichele - 13/09/2012 23:38 - United States - La Verne

Today, my boyfriend told me to text him when I got home to let him know I'd made it home safe. He said if I didn't, he'd assume that aliens had abducted me and that he'd get a new girlfriend. He was completely serious. FML
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I think you deserve it for actualy thinking he was completely serious.

Be glad, at least he cares if you made it home safe.


Aliens aren't a laughing matter! I mean have you seen the movie independence day?!

I wouldn't call him an idiot, he was driving his point home. I'm like that when my girlfriend drives home late at night, its about knowing she made it home safe. Though I'm not as weird as this guy about it..

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It's nice that he cares about OP so much. Even if he's crazy

So people think it is ok to play with feelings? That guy apparently did not like this girl enough to stay with her even though he was with her which I don't understand.

This made me laugh, only because it sounds like something I would say. I can see where he would care about you making it home safely, but then again, being sarcastic about his reason why he thought you wouldn't be? But what do I know, my last girlfriend practically ruined my life and haven't had one for around 4 years.prolly never will again. Smooth move. Lol seems that girls never like subtle sarcasm.

14- And then 'this sounds like something I would say,' I just stop reading.

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Well then, I suggest you call him if you want to remain his girlfriend. It's up to you.

Be glad, at least he cares if you made it home safe.

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I don't think you read the next sentence of the FML.

I think he's both sensible and not. He is aware of the threat of extraterrestrial (no matter how small), but his biggest worry if abductions occur is who he'll date next

I think you deserve it for actualy thinking he was completely serious.

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Agreed. It seems like their are a lot of FML's lately that end in "he/she was completely serious".

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yah, if the dude was serious, I would check him in a nut house or at least stay far away as possible from the guy.

You find it cute that the boyfriend would 1. Believe that if OP did not text him, the only possible reason is that she was abducted by aliens 2. Dump OP so easily. I fail to see how this is "cute", to me it seems more "controlling" as she is being some-what forced into doing what it says (regardless of what it was that he said).

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At least he just asked you to let him know you were home safe rather than asking more probing questions.

how could someone possibly be serious about something like that, sounds to me someone needs to pick up some sarcasm and humor skills.

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This is hilarious! My high school boyfriend always used to ask me to send him the obligatory text letting him know when I got home, and I always forgot. If he'd thought up the witty explanation it would have kept me on my toes. Your boy's a keeper!