By Anonymous - 09/07/2009 05:15 - United States

Today, after buying dinner from the supermarket, I had the change in my hand, and my wallet. In the parking lot, a quarter fell out of my hand, and right next to the street drain. As I went to pick it up, my wallet fell down the drain. FML
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so you wouldn't care if you dropped 900€ into a drain ?

AK 2

Oh god, that sucks. Did you get the quarter anyway?


isn't there a saying that picking up dropped change is bad luck.

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I would say ou should stop caring about quarters and put money in your pocket/manpurse/foodbag

Well unless there are people living in said drain or there was in excess of $1000/£1000 in the wallet, it's not really that bad as you can replace bank cards, library cards, drivers licenses etc. but the only really bad thing you could keep in a lost wallet are photos. It's not really that bad... but FYL for being so careless.

so you wouldn't care if you dropped 900€ into a drain ?

Even if there's not a lot of money it the wallet do you even relies how much of a hassle it is to get credit cards back and especially your license. I really don't see how photos would be such a big loss since nowadays most peoples photos are digital and you can just print out more and besides if the photo is that important to you and you only have one why would you carry it in your wallet.

And cash. That's not replaceable. OP will have to earn more.

AK 2

Oh god, that sucks. Did you get the quarter anyway?

This made me laugh. Good luck getting it back. =]

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I moderated this :) but i feel for you. i hope you get it back.

racist much? or am I taking this answer the wrong way...

Nope, don't think you're taking it the wrong way. Definitely racist.

probably Russell Peters' joke reiterated

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Luckily you already got a quarter to start making back what you had in your wallet :)

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YDI for not putting your wallet and change away before leaving the market.

Wow, good job picking on him for the smallest detail. He doesn't deserve it, you're just an ass.

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dudde. i'd be so pissed D: that sucks

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Obviously it's not important, why else would it be a ******* FML?