By Anonymous
Today, my son got an email saying he could win an iPad if he just entered his credit card number. He asked for mine, telling me that it was so he could buy some school supplies online, so I gave it to him. The internet just conned a credit card number out of a 17-year-old nitwit. And me. FML
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By  Darebearius  |  7

I see it as an FML in the respect that you trusted your son and he lied to you and used your card number for an line scam. I also see it a YDI for raising an idiot.

By  rotflqtms_  |  18

Call the credit card company and get a new card sent to you. Report it lost/stolen and tell them you don't authorize any charges made onto your account by said con artist. If you do it right away, you should be good. After that, don't give your son your info again. He has proven that he can't be trusted. I was never like that and was the person helping my mom do financial things, so my mom could always trust me not to do anything crazy with mine. I'm the one reminding her of her passwords most of the time.