By crissy becks - 05/08/2012 22:05 - United States - Inglewood

Today, my friends and I planned to go to a waterpark together. However, due to a "miscommunication," I, and only I, was given both the wrong time and the wrong meeting place. I spent three hours sitting in a parking lot in little more than my swimming suit. FML
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jackii1313 9

Are you sure they're friends? I think you need some new ones.


Your friends sound like jerk-faces!!! 0_0

Why did they even bother inviting you? Unless it was your idea, they should have talked about it at a separate time.

Well I guess you felt like a fish out of water

Psych101 9

Geez 1, calm down with the language. I do agree with you, however.

I guess you were abandoned "politely".

BandWagonGuy 8

I couldn't have said it better myself

Next time you're at one of their houses alone you should re-arrange their entire house due to a "miscommunication"

Oh, the woes of talking in Japanese Pig Latin.

tjv3 10

Your profile pic is perfect for your comment!

No kidding. Why didn't you call your "friends" op. 3hours??

Maybe OP did. Maybe their friends told OP they were on their way.

15 - remember: they were at the waterpark. I highly doubt they would have picked up their phones.

StripedSwtor 7

maybe op is the kind of person who is able to sleep in public... while in their bathing suit

Aug1508 9

I think anybody would have left after an hour probably after thirty minutes... I would have.

winnerme123 8

At least it wasn't a nude beach.

jackii1313 9

Are you sure they're friends? I think you need some new ones.

I agree.. True friends wouldn't do that and would actually be concerned if you didn't show up

i would have been gone after after about 45 minutes. Some friends they are, though..

Well, maybe you need to make better friends!! Ones who actually give you the right one and place. Or the ones who call when they notice you aren't there!! Sorry OP!!

You waited too long. **** them for not even calling you asking where you were or where to meet them.

Take the hint. Apparently they aren't your friends. Find some new ones or ride solo.

Your "friends" are awful people. Sorry OP :l

Asshole friends. I think they were trying to send you a message...

"Sorry OP, there was a huge gunman trying to kill us all! Yeah, it was horrible, we were trying to save your life!" I couldn't agree more. (For the stupid dumbasses on FML, the comment in the quotations was sarcasm).

tennisrapper1- Most of us understand what sarcasm is. Actually, scratch that. SOME of us understand what sarcasm is. For those who don't, let them sow their stupidity to the FML community. It makes more fun for those of us who regularly tear them a new one. ;)

Maninthemachine - I'm avoiding the face palms before they begin. That's all. :P

Send them a message back... In the form of beartraps placed just inside their front door late at night. Next time they come home after ditching you, SNAP!!! Roadhouse.