By crissy becks - United States - Inglewood
Today, my friends and I planned to go to a waterpark together. However, due to a "miscommunication," I, and only I, was given both the wrong time and the wrong meeting place. I spent three hours sitting in a parking lot in little more than my swimming suit. FML
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  tennisrapper1  |  14

"Sorry OP, there was a huge gunman trying to kill us all! Yeah, it was horrible, we were trying to save your life!"

I couldn't agree more.

(For the stupid dumbasses on FML, the comment in the quotations was sarcasm).



Most of us understand what sarcasm is.

Actually, scratch that. SOME of us understand what sarcasm is. For those who don't, let them sow their stupidity to the FML community. It makes more fun for those of us who regularly tear them a new one. ;)

  Axipiter  |  24

Send them a message back... In the form of beartraps placed just inside their front door late at night. Next time they come home after ditching you, SNAP!!! Roadhouse.