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Today, I came home from work to my 4-year old daughter cussing left and right. I asked her about it; she said that her brother had taught her some words. When I confronted him about the situation, he kicked my shin and screamed, "Stop treating me like a fucking child!" He's 5. FML
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You cant blame it completely on the child. You being his parent are responsible for his development.


Not fast, poorly. I was never like that as a 5 year old. That needs to be fixed quickly!

Totally agree with you #23 no 5 or 4 yr old should be talking like that op needs to put her parenting to work and fix it ASAP

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Smack him on top of the head. He needs discipline and it won't leave a mark.

Put soap in his mouth, to clean his dirty mouth!

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That kid needs to good spanking and soap rubbed on his mouth!! Step up. Be a parent.

119 you could also make him chew orbit gum.

118, 119, and 131: Hitting children is not being a parent, it's called being abusive. That's why it's illegal, morons.

There's a fine line there.. You can hit to straighten them but it's how hard and how much you do that's the difference between them..

-158 I don't know, it sure worked with my grandma, and her 6 brothers and sisters....

@ #158. Wow. Child abuse is illegal, but spanking your children is not. Relax a little bit.

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When I was 5, I would accidentally swear, not intentionally...

TheGalwaySpirit 20

Kids who a 5 shouldn't swear, however, kids ARE growing up really fast. I've been out in public, and have heard 9-10 year olds saying, ****, or SHIT, or BITCH.

You cant blame it completely on the child. You being his parent are responsible for his development.

Parents can only do some much. At 5 they are in pre-k or kindergarten. I know my sister-in-law had my niece and nephew in a daycare where the children there all spit and cursed. We had to explain to my nephew that his behavior was not acceptable and correct him. All while looking for a new daycare since that one had gone down hill.

To be fair, the kid is five. So he is probably at pre-school or just starting school. It's entirely possible he heard it from another parents or another kid in his class. Apparently it's not uncommon either. I remember when my daughter was in kindergarten, she learned quite a few bad words, including "****" and "****". I was horrified. I spoke to the teacher about it, and she told me that most parents come to her with the same complaint, but that it doesn't mean the parent is a failure or that they haven't taught their kid well enough. It's just an unfortunate side-effect of letting children socialize...they're going to learn good AND bad things. But it's the parent's job to teach them why they are bad words and why it's not acceptable to say them. That's up to the OP now.

It's like a disease in the class room, in elementary school if one kid starts dropping the F-bomb they're cool. Other kids then want to mimic the behavior by cursing as well.

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It's not always the parent. It could be friends of the parents and/or other family swearing around the kid.

You have your hands full with those two, bless your heart.

I would be so angry, if that child were older I would throw him out of a window.

At what age is it considered acceptable to throw a kid out a window?

The teens or around there. Maybe 13-17.

I also advocate throwing teenagers out of windows, filthy, vile things that they are.

Definitely start taking small privileges away and see where he learnt these words from. Maybe from school?

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I'd say do what he says - don't treat him like a child. See how much he likes cooking his own food, doing his own laundry and so on.......

Definitely a good thought, but given that he's only 5, I doubt he'd understand the lesson behind it fully.

or just toss him outside if he wants to be an "adult" and let him get his own place. when my husband was younger he threatened Hus parents to run away and they let him. he came back a your it so later apologising his ass off.

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124 - the kid is 5. He can't do any of those things for himself. He probably just learned how to tie his shoes, and you think he can operate a stove to cook for himself? Nice try.

Good idea, toss a 5 year old outside to feed the rapists

Wow, no respect at all! Maybe a bit of the old spanking will teach him? Try it if you haven't yet. But not too hard ofcourse.

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Yes, because it's very respectful to spank someone. If you want to teach respect, you need to role model being respectful.

I believe that's true, however, kids also need to accept authority, especially if the authority is subjected to different standards.

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Oh yeah 33. I was spanked as a child and I sure as hell turned out terrible! kids need to learn to respect their parents. If I had even uttered those words at that kids age or behaved like that my parents sure wouldn't have let it continue. Spanking isnt the devil. Stop acting like it is.

It's not the devil but there are other ways to discipline children. Any way that doesn't involve emotional/physical abuse is always better.

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People now say that. What about my generation? I am 20 and I don't hold any grudges or suffer from any emotional after effect from being spanked. Neither does most of our parents or grandparents generations either.

I agree with spanking, but another method would be clean the mouth with soap. That's what my parents did to me. Worked just fine.

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My parents did that to #76. One of the worst experiences of my life... I can still taste it... yuck!

There's a difference between abuse and discipline. If I EVER talked like that to my father, he would've whooped my tail until it hurt to sit. And if I complained he'd make me stand facing the wall for an hour doing nothing and if I so much as TALKED I would get another hour. My father disciplined me not abused. Abuse is beating a child in the face and leaving marks like a black eye or a swollen lip. Spanking is a punishment.

76-- I think soap now is bad for you. I guess you could always use ivory soap, though. For the spanking thing, each kid is different. My kid does not respond to spanking at all, but if you isolate him, he will correct his behavior. My cousin's kid only responds to spanking. I know a kid that will stop just by telling her to.

Mama would've smacked the shit outta me i ever talked to her like that, hell, I bet she still would and I'm 20 years old. Anyway, I dont see how you can say spanking causes emotional trauma, it's worked just fine for hundreds of years with no discernable consequences and now all the sudden in the last 30 years we see a sudden rash of killings and shootouts.

I hate when people act like the increase in school and public shootings is directly related to spanking your child. I'm sure it has nothing at all to do with the increase in violence in media, video games, movies etc. that has become acceptable.

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I've been spanked, have hand soap rubbed on my gums and I'm just fine.

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Well get off here and go do you some parenting dude! Punish him for such behavior and let him know you wont just put up with it.

Well for him to teach her the words, he had to learn them somewhere. So probably YDI OP, children will repeat anything.

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By 5 children are most likely in pre-school. He could of heard it from there, and just repeated it. I hate how people assume it's from the parent. My son learned a few words when he was young. When he moved up to kindergarten he used them the first day. And, as his parent, I was literally screamed at for teaching him those words.

tenfiftynine 12

Ok by the way I explained myself wrong. Quotes were supposed to be around "teaching" him those words. Obviously I didn't... I never swore and he STILL learned them.

I'm not sure if YDI or not. It sucks that you've to deal with this but it's your responsibility to raise them so they don't turn out like that. They're not even teens yet. Just imagine. Better do something about it.

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And kids are always by their parents side 100% of the time. The kids is five so he is probably in Pre-K so he probably heard it from the other kids, the parents, or even the teacher. Don't be so quick to judge the OP without knowing the whole story or all the facts. My baby cousin learned bitch in Pre-K from another little girl. Thats probably what happened here.

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Did he also learn to kick his mom after screaming at her too? If it's a problem maybe she should spend less time on the internet and more on correcting this behavior, even if she didn't teach it to him.

75 - Read 9's first sentence again.... there is no judgement there. And this really isn't an FML or a YDI, it's just a common parenting issue. Teach your kids to behave the way you think they should OP. Personally, though, I don't see what everyones' problem with "swear words" is. They're just words, if they're used offensively, then sure, be offended. But if they're used to express or emphasize an emotion, then why do you care? Here's a direct question to anyone reading this: If you do something impressive, and someone says, "That was ******* amazing!!", would you really find it offensive?

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Spare the rod and spoil the child. I know if I had done that growing up my mom would of tanned my hide then my dad would of too.

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Sounds like someone needs a timeout! Lol

He needs more than a time out! A time out is for stealing cookies, this deserves being locked in his room with all the good stuff taken out of the room. After a couple of hours screaming, he'll learn. It worked on me :L

That's what you got?! If I ever did that I would've had that plus a spanking before I was sent to my room.

Vanessa_Leeann26 17

I said time out because the child is five... My five year old repeated everything until I thought him what was appropriate to say and what is not... I think the parents need to be more on their parenting game..

#126 its seems like a contradiction to say the parents should be on their game and that kids that age will repeat anything. Even if the parents are "on their game", they have no control over how others parent so being around kids (at daycare, school etc.) who use vulgar language would, by your explaination, cause Ops kids to use vulgar language too since they repeat anything at that age. It wouldn't be the fault of OP if that's how it happened.