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Today, my sister set it so all the Yahoo articles I read are published on my Facebook wall. This would have been fine had I not decided to read, "Does the gynecologist care if you shave?" FML
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Does he? I wanna read this groundbreaking article!

I hate technology these days. Why the hell does the world need to know what I'm reading? Lets just promote stalking. I know you can turn it off but why have the option.


ThisIsMyReign 4

Yeah, what happen to the "water in the bucket on the door" prank? Technology, how dare you make pranks more personal, humiliating, and easier!

GovernorGeneral 8

This is just like the one about google+.....

GovernorGeneral 8

Only if the ob/gyn can't navigate the dense jungles of hair. Then it's machete time!

Well do you shave......your........legs...?

lebronesque73091 12

That's funny. But do they? I'm a guy, so I wouldn't know.

Remembered 14

Gotta plan something to get her back for sure!

mama2b3 20

This was going to be my comment.

OP you should read articles like great ways to get back at your bitchy sister and how to discard dead bodies...dun dun dunnn...

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DinosaursAreCool_fml 8

Hack her page and do the same, only read something outrageous.

Yeah, like "Is a sex change right for you?"

Or even better, "Is my sex change permanent?"

RoseTintMyWorld 8

Or "Is green a normal color for vaginal discharge?"

Orrr, you could actually go through and 'read' loads of those articles on your page, and then people would just assume it was someone else! Genius?

For the love of ****. Don't call it hacking. You don't hack their accounts. If you read my picture, you'd get my point. No one understands the real term for hacking anymore and it pisses me the **** off.

I agree 94 everyone goes on about hacking where 99%(including me) don't know how do and the 1% that do are too busy hacking into government computers to bother with facebook

DinosaursAreCool_fml 8

94, who cares. Hacking has changed meaning over the years just like any other words. If her sister wasn't logged on and she "hacked" her account by just logging onto it, I consider it hacking. What would you prefer me to use? And I thought we only had grammar trolls on here.

Does he? I wanna read this groundbreaking article!

Delete it off your wall and change the setting, no big deal, just say you got hacked If it's that embarrassing.

She/he shouldn't care. They're professionals. Women naturally have pubic hair, and it shouldn't get in the way of a gynaecological exam. They used to shave women before any kind of surgery in that area (eg Caesarian), but now that practice is seen as unnecessary. Anyway, I have no idea what the actual article said, but I'd hope it's something along those lines.

Shafreeka 8

106 - Actually, I had my daughter by c-section just a couple of years ago, and they still will shave you if you aren't already shaved. I don't know if that goes for all surgeries in that area but I know they do for a cesarian. At least in the tri-state area.

Oh family, and their ways of embarrassing you. So, please inform me on your revenge plan.

Man, just lookonthebrightside! Now everyone knows that she is nervous about the gyno!

I honestly don't see how that's a bright side.

I hate technology these days. Why the hell does the world need to know what I'm reading? Lets just promote stalking. I know you can turn it off but why have the option.

Yeah I stalk others, it's what I do. But I'm against people seeing what I'm reading online. They can buzz off and mind their own business.

Im pretty sure the creepier gynacologists like you a lil hairy to keep the nasty stank in

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

That reminds me of " hey Brian. Close that window you're letting all the stank out!"

stevenJB 25

All gynecologists follow the "how to survive a zombie attack" poster rules. In this case rule 11.

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I'm not a genius by any means, but I feel like you should also read articles about how to proof read after you write...