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Today, my sister lost a leg. Immediately after hearing the news, my boyfriend started cracking jokes about getting her a job at IHOP. FML
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mariet_fml tells us more.

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Holy hell, I forgot that this made it to the site. To answer some questions: This happened several years ago. My sister is a soldier, was deployed, bomb went off, lost her leg. I'm not going into details because it's still difficult to discuss. She has a desk job now and gets around fine on a prosthetic. We did not break up directly because of this. We had a huge row and I threw him out of my apartment. I didn't speak to him for a week. He apologized, said he just felt awkward and didn't know what to say, and I forgave him. We broke up later for different reasons. Mostly he is a nice guy, he had never shown any kind of insensitivity before this (he even came with me to my grandmother's funeral) but this was a bonehead moment. Some people suggested that I "know it's funny." In a hypothetical situation, it is funny. After she went through physical and emotional therapy, it is funny. I was reminded of this event because we went to IHOP and she jokingly asked for an application, saying she is automatically qualified. But at that moment, when I was in shock and could barely breathe? Nothing was funny. When you hear this kind of news and you are not even sure if your sister is going to live, she is the only one that can cheer you up. So **** you guys.

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I'd say dump him but that is too damn funny

yeah he's a bastard, get rid of him. he could try and back out of what he said but he doesn't have a leg to stand on


I'd say dump him but that is too damn funny

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He's actually trying to trick you. He's grinding your sister

What a ******* prick. ******* a chick who lost her leg then cracking jokes. Dump him. But in reality, he's a dickens.

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haha, you guys sound like ops boyfriend.

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funny but that's too soon for jokes like that lol

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women like assholes. OP was actually turned on

#123, so, technically, **** OP's life for getting turned on by men who make horrible jokes concerning her sister, her one leg, and a restaurant? FYL, OP.

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ya pretty much. Fyl OP for laughing

I'm sorry but I would make/laugh at this joke even if it was me who lost the leg.

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I'm sure she dumped him after she was done laughing.

Someone thumbed you down for laughing. What is this world coming too..

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well that's mean! I get that joke and it's mean lol he shouldn't do that

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Yeah exactly aha that's why he's messed up :p

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No one else has said it, but sorry for your loss OP, well, your sisters. It sucks to be missing a limb. I wouldn't know because those people terrify me (I blame MR Bill!!!!!) but I hop she does well!:)

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Oops Hope* Sorry, that was a TOTAL accident ;P (Don't blame me I had to make at least one joke about it -.-)

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You're a fag! I'll cut off your knee, well see if you're joking then. lol

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I hop she recovers quickly:)

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if it was that traumatizing op wouldn't be on fml.

That's exactly what this site is for dipshit.

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lmfao it's not terrible!! it's funny as hell :)

yeah he's a bastard, get rid of him. he could try and back out of what he said but he doesn't have a leg to stand on

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well done. sad for op's sis. but still nicely played. I literally lol'd

You're wrong, I did read your "about me" Didn't mean to creep I was looking at your pic. Your about me fits this fml perfectly!

swear if you don't leave his ass then your just as bad being with him! that's really sad to hear )= What a douche bag!

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inconsiderate, but hilarious.

the white crayon has no purpose on white paper - I think of it as white out :)

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I really don't feel like it needs to go that far but yes he was extremely rude and disrespectful

To take your sister's mind off of it take her out drinking and get her legless... shouldn't be hard as she is halfway there. Joking. That sucks OP. Break a foot off up in his ass. Either that or break his legs, see how he likes it.

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Don't you have a brother that lost a leg for you? Wait... was that his leg or his arm?