By PhantomShitter - United Kingdom - Birmingham

Was it me?

Today, I read on Facebook that someone shat outside our block of flats. I laughed and showed it to my friend who was with me. She turned to me, and said, "That was you, we were locked outside last night and you needed to pee, but a poo slipped out." FML
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By  DoctorPALO  |  11

Uhmm, this is obviously a female. Unless the guy took his pants down and squatted to pee, it was a female. Drunk or not, if you were outside your own place, why couldn't you get in? Did you not notice when you woke up that you needed to wipe your ass?


Hey "Doc", I'm no medical expert, but I've seen enough drunk people to know that the body can do certain things involuntarily when they're wasted. You don't need to squat to shit. If you're relaxed, you can do it standing up, and have it fall out your pants leg without noticing. Until further notice, I'm gonna go with the icon, and read this story as if it happened to a drunk dude. Also, you can lock yourself out of your house if you misplace your keys, and you can do that drunk or sober. My guess is his/her friend managed to get OP inside, but after their mishap, and may have been too drunk/apathetic herself to clean it up.