By WhoaZombie - United States - Huron
Today, I twisted my ankle on a mole hill in front of my house. I regularly try to stomp them down so I guess this was retribution. Well played, mole. Well played. FML
WhoaZombie tells us more :
OP here with some details. I was not stomping down the holes when I fell. I was walking out to my car across the yard. I have poor vision and misjudged the lawn and turned my ankle. The moles were not harmed in my pushing down of their holes at any time. I push them down to prevent the grass from growing over sometimes 8inch high mounds in my lawn. Stomping the holes (not the moles) is for this reason! I didn't want to trip and here I am. Lmao. I mean karma is a bitch but damn. I'm like super animal activist to the point where I don't even have traps down for the suckers. To the knuckle dragger that said he hoped I broke it, you'll get yours just for spewing your ignorance. Of that I am certain. ;)
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  ABlindMan  |  17

It doesn't kill them.... OP was just pushing down where they dug up. They burrow further underground than 2 centimeters... Do a little research before you comment on something you know absolutely nothing about.

  foxpug  |  24

That's a pot-kettle-black situation if I ever saw one.
You don't have moles where you're from, therefore your lack of knowledge is your defense against quick judgement, yet that same lack of knowledge allowed you to be quick in rendering judgement on the OP's ankles.