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Today, I realized I'm so scared of my manager that I don't even dare to quit my job. The same job I want to quit exactly because I'm so scared of her. FML
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First things first: I'm a girl, and I'm not a prostitute. (That would pay much better, though) I work at a restaurant with several managers who are all quite nice, but she's the boss of the whole restaurant so she's in charge of everything. Now the thing is, she's quite nice to everyone... Except to me. I don't know what she has against me, but working with her is like getting a constant shitstorm over you. Always mean comments, giving me the worst tasks, and no matter how I improve myself, it's never good enough. She keeps telling me I'm too stupid to work there (which I'm not, I have higher qualifications than everyone there, but I need the money to save up for college) and when other people make a mistake, she blames me for it. At this restaurant, when you want to quit, you have to tell her personally. The worst she can do is indeed yell at me. I'm not a shy person, but when people get angry at me or start yelling, I get really quiet and submissive and I feel like shit. I'll probably search for another job first, and then make up a believable story for why I want to quit, so she can't get too mad at me. Thanks for all the support and I'll do my best to stand up!

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colton_colton 49

Just quit and then RUN. You can make it OP :)

Wizardo 33

Unless you work for a bounty hunting firm, firm up and quit. Being so scared at work is hardly worth it.


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Sometimes that's the only motivation that someone needs

It's all about growing and balls and ******* with you people!

crazytwinsmom 25

Sometimes you have to think of your safety first. I realized after I was hired that I was working for a mafia money laundry business. And I started to hear what they did to people they got mad at. It took me a bit to get out of there without pissing them off.

I don't know why people say "grow some balls" and "you're a pussy" when someone's scared. Idk last time I checked balls are sensitive ears and vaginas are tough enough to push human footballs out of. Ironic...

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Not that I'm picking sides, just playing devils advocate. Both are amazing works of nature. We're all beautiful snowflakes people.

thanks for the update Betty white #84

Goblin182 26

To quote Betty White, don't grow balls, those things are sensitive. Grow a ******, those things can take a pounding.

incoherentrmblr 21

Betty White is older than sliced bread...

colton_colton 49

Just quit and then RUN. You can make it OP :)

\ 28

Just hold your breath and do it. The worse that'll happen is that he'll eat your soul. That or maybe he'll fire you.

the boss is female dude. may want to read the whole post prior to commenting

badluckalex 23

I hope so too! I just want to know why op is scared

#24 I'm sorry but why are you getting thumbed down? It does state that the boss is female.

\ 28

Oops, forgot to add the "s" before "he." Sorry for my oversight, thanks for pointing it out

Maybe OP is a prostitute? Just throwin' it out there.

Wizardo 33

Unless you work for a bounty hunting firm, firm up and quit. Being so scared at work is hardly worth it.

Op should really know the limits of his manager. what she can do and what she can't. If you work for a bounty hunting firm just go assassinate them

grashopper8 7

Sounds to me like you just made a decision. GTFO!! :) good luck! Find another job before you quit.

grashopper8 7

Get The **** Out....Really? I see this all the time

rainbow_llamas 16

I'm sorry OP!! You shouldn't have to be sacred at your own job!

I wish I was sacred at my job. Scared on the other hand, I wouldn't want. Lol, but I'm sure that was just a slight mishap. Just teasing at it a bit. :)

AnOriginalName 19

I don't think OP has a problem with being sacred at work.

rainbow_llamas 16

Are you saying starburst suck? Cause if so, oh you don't wanna know!

Only quitters quit. Get fired, that way you can apply for unemployment.

It saddens me that these are thoughts people have. Why not work for a living? Pull your own weight in this world !!! Stop expecting others to pay your way.

You can't get unemployment if your fired for cause only if your laid off

Depending on the state you live in you can in fact get unemployment bc i was let go for missing time due to a medical issue and i was able to collect. You can't get unemployment if u quit your job though...good luck OP!

Or maybe they're suggesting collecting unemployment while searching for a new job? Not everyone has the luxury of being employed all the time.

OP isn't from the US. No need to assume everyone is from the US.

Why would any responsible adult QUIT or purposefully be fired from one job before having something else lined out. I've hated many jobs but done them to support myself and my family. Being fired legitimately or laid off is another story and I am not looking down on or snubbing anyone who has or is on unemployment. I'm just saying it shouldn't be a job CHOICE.

71- Oh! I know this one! Is it because they're not responsible?.. Yes! Gold star for me!

Can no one on this site take a joke? Or do we all need to be serious on FML now?

juststephhere 23

Just send an email or something! You'll never need to confront her!

No, a text would be unprofessional. The words, "I quit" on a Unicorn printed sticky-note is unprofessional. The last I checked, Emails are quite the opposite of those examples..

You can't go wrong with an email if you are polite and sincere about the subject.

You don't happen to work in the red light district, do you?

wildcats909 9

Other than the OP being worried about losing clients, why would they be so scared of their boss in that profession?? ;)

I think, I THINK but I'm not sure, that I've heard pimps can sometimes scare their prostitutes. I'm sure they don't mean to.

ariiewilliams 17

It's alright OP, give yourself a pep talk and go get em'! You can do it!