By Stargirl - 28/02/2017 07:00 - United States - Modesto

Today, in an attempt to support and encourage my efforts in getting a new job, my boyfriend said, "Imagine having triple what's in your bank account right now!" Triple what's in my bank account right now would be exactly $38.94. FML
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That's $12.98 more than the vast majority of the world's population has! Congrats :D

Congradulations you have $12.98 in your bank account.


Congradulations you have $12.98 in your bank account.

I would think that bring that broke would be even more of a motivation to find a job.

Showing that you live in California, you should move somewhere that you can afford

That's $12.98 more than the vast majority of the world's population has! Congrats :D

I haven't checked the statistics, but I sure hope that what you said isn't true.

Hey, that's more than I have, OP! Due to paying bills I have a little over a dollar left in my account and that will be automatically taken out to pay for said account. Then I'll be left with pennies until I get paid in two weeks. Living the American dream! :'D

You shouldn't be banking at an institution that charges you for your account. There are tons of places that offer totally free checking and savings accounts or only require like $5 in a savings account like my credit union (Mountain America) does.

I just switched from BoA which is worse, taking I believe $12 a month if I didn't have a certain minimum balance or a steady income, both of which I couldn't do. The new bank donates one dollar each month and has more lenient rules.

These are the kind of real-world word problems that could get people excited about math. Answer: $12.98 Now, for the analysis: Holy shit, you're poor! Having $12.98 in California is like having $1.50 in Alabama.

With $12.98 in California, you can maybe pay for 2 days of bus passes to help you get around & have 98 cents left over... which can get you 2 cans of generic pop soda sold from the Nob Hill vending machines :D Yay, OP!

you gotta start somewhere! So take the shitty job and don't stop looking!

that sucks op. hang in there!!

I read your FML recently when I was moderating submissions. Thankfully I got my paycheck yesterday, but at the time I read your FML I had about $12 in my account, so I feel ya.