By NoTalkAllGame - United States - Horsham
Today, it's been five days since my roommate last talked to me. Although she's not communicating with me verbally, she's excelling at non-verbal communication: slamming doors and drawers, and watching loud videos, all while I desperately try to study. FML
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  WasabiMars  |  21

#1 Your advise on having OP to tell her room mate to fuck off is bad and can make the situation worse. Besides, I think OP did something to upset her room mate but didn't mention it in this FML. It's really hard to think of a situation where OP's room mate would just suddenly stop talking to her and do all those things without any reason. Your thoughtless comment needs a down vote and this FML needs a follow-up.

  jbones24  |  22

Im always scared of posting comments on FML because it seems like all the common sense replies get blasted. I agree with you though, people dont just slam doors and not talk to people for 5 days for no reason.

  Kitten_love  |  22

46 & 61. TYPICALLY people don't stop talking to you for no reason, but I had a roommate where I would be forced to stop talking to her for days. I would turn off my phone and/or leave the dorms because she felt it was her duty to point out every part of me that was a flaw or tell me hurtful things "people" said about me. She put me down and claimed to be my friend. I later learned she's a bipolar manipulative sociopath who made up stories and lies to keep me from hanging out with my friends. Eventually I moved out. I honestly felt like I was in a relationship with her as my super controlling abusive boyfriend. Good riddance, my life is so much better. Maybe you should think of moving out OP. It might not be worth your time.

By  jpsullivan  |  36

If you two are old enough to rent a house together, you're old enough to confront each other and stop acting like children. If you did something that really upset them, apologize and work through it. If they're being an ass for no reason, tell them to get their act together or leave if they can't. Whining on FML isn't going to help your friendship or your schooling.


Who says they're renting a house?? For all we know, they share a room together, nothing more. I agree that they need to work through it face-to-face but I should probably take this opportunity to inform you that Fmylife is very literally a website about whining.