By Anonymous - Germany
Today, I arrived in my dorm at 3 am to find my roommate passed out and a nauseating stench. While I was gone, he got drunk and puked all over the walls, carpet, and both beds. His inebriated attempt to clean up the mess consisted of smearing his vomit everywhere with my shower robe. FML
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  bugmenotmofo  |  34

I'm from Germany and have never heard of something like glistening showers. It's even less probable that people in Berlin use this stuff.
Wonder where you got that stereotype from...

  sammisolstice  |  0

Now-a-days, getting a job is extremely hard.
So I'd count that out.
Let alone being able to raise enough money from a part time job [ due to being in college ] to afford having a single room.
Just my thoughts.

By  perdix  |  29

He just wanted to make Oktoberfest go out with a bang! What weren't you similarly shit-faced? What kind of bru are you? (If we say bro for brother, do you say bru for bruder?)

Kudos to you, my friend, for NOT saying "projectile" vomit when the wall puke suggests that the condition existed.