By my first job - Canada - Westerose
Today, after working for 12 hours in the cold rain on muddy terrain, my coordinator drove down a hill and didn't come back. I was stuck in the middle of nowhere, forced to walk two hours uphill back to HQ to find him there. FML
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By  ssnow_fml  |  20

When your cold, wet and exhausted you start running on primal instinct. You aren't making conscious efforts to do anything. Natural instinct is to look out for yourself and save yourself first.

  bheaze  |  20

I totally disagree with everything you just said. Natural instinct isn't to look after yourself unless you're a C**t. Think of wolves for instance, they're pack animals. Humans are very much pack animals. Hence the fact that we constantly search for guidance, acceptance and friendship with others. For the most part that is.