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If he's going to be all pissy, and throw a hissy, for your name being Chrissy, you shouldn't mess with that mister, missy.

Well that's whorrable!


Well that's whorrable!

It's not very nice of the guy but how do you end up with an eight year dry spell? If OP thinks it'll change at the bar.... Best of luck for 2015 though

If he's going to be all pissy, and throw a hissy, for your name being Chrissy, you shouldn't mess with that mister, missy.

Internet Jedi hugs coming your way, if you want them, Chrissy. That sucks.

What a sissy, he seems really pissy.

I bet inside, he's just a big pussy..

Lol! Kudos on that one.

@Ervinator Who taught you how to rhyne?

Thanks 33, but it really wasn't.

*tries to think of other words that rhyme with Chrissy*

Ignore him, I think it's a lovely name. He sounds immature. Happy new year ! You'll have better luck in 2015 hopefully :)

how will it being 2015 guarantee her better luck if shes had none for the past 8 years?

#18 a little positive reinforcement doesn't hurt

#18 she said hopefully as in hopefully your luck will be better. not guaranteeing it. she was trying to be positive and make op feel better.

And go get laid

Good news by the end of the night it will be 9 years going strong

Who says she last had sex on New Years?

How does someone have that long of a dry spell tho

He's definitely a whore for saying that. Don't worry about it, it will end soon.

How will it end soon #5? Is it Jasim to the rescue?

#36 that's kind of weird....

I don't see the problem with his reaction. Shame on your parents for cursing you with a "whore's" name! do you not see anything wrong with his reaction? You don't just tell people that their name sounds like a whores name.

You're not the brightest person on site, are you?

#6 – I guess that makes me a whore every time my ESL/EML friends and relatives call me by this nickname ("Chrissy?") Think long and hard before you respond, by the way, and factor in that I'm a virgin before you say anything.

oh my fuck guys, its so obvious that they wernt serious that it hurts my head reading the replies...

I guess my sarcasm wasn't obvious enough for the people on this site.... Do I need to spell it out or add it in parentheses?

I triple dog dare you to go up to that girl and find a way to call her a whore.

Bummer. Sounds like you missed out on a real winner! *sarcasm* You're better off in a dry spell than with a douche. Keep your head up!

ahhh... Cant really argue. next time give him ur nick name.

That's a little farfetched... Look on the bright side OP; New Year, new possibilities...