By cakestar9 - Ireland - Ennis
Today, I went to a club to celebrate New Year's Eve. A cute guy came up to me at the bar and asked my name. I thought my 8 year long dry spell was finally about to end. I smiled and said "Chrissy!" He said "That's a whore's name!" and wandered back off into the crowd. FML
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  MortenM  |  17

It's not very nice of the guy but how do you end up with an eight year dry spell? If OP thinks it'll change at the bar....
Best of luck for 2015 though

  xxreikoxx  |  31

#6 – I guess that makes me a whore every time my ESL/EML friends and relatives call me by this nickname ("Chrissy?") Think long and hard before you respond, by the way, and factor in that I'm a virgin before you say anything.