By anonymous - 18/12/2016 03:15

Today, my pregnant sister has apparently always loved my boyfriend's name and wants to give it to her child. She expects me to break up with my boyfriend so "it doesn't get weird." FML
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leo1106 15

I seriously hope it's the hormones talking. Otherwise, that's quite the nerve.

it doesnt get weird if she has an abortion.


I think it's too late for that (not making it weird)

Don't do it, you had your boyfriend first, you shouldn't have to break up with him just because your sister wants his name.

Here, tell her to name her child a different name so "it doesn't get werid"

That's not necessary. Once she names the kid for your boyfriend, he'll either bang her or get the hell out.

• Wants to name her child after your boyfriend. • Wants you to break up with your boyfriend. Yeah, I suspect nothing else is be going on… it's just name-reuse weirdness she's worried about…

"is be going on"? Smooth, Trip. Smooooth.

mariri9206 32

If it helps, I didn't even notice "is be going on" until you pointed it out. Fun fact: Putting a wrong/extra word in a sentence will often go overlooked. Like, unless someone is really, really, really paying attention, the brain will just, like, skip over it.

Totally works. You only said 'really' once, right?

mariri9206 32

Oh, yeah, I definitely only put in one "really" 34. ;)

cheshireau 26

How does this get a negative vote? She should dump her Boyfriend? If that was asked of me I would respond the same.

amileah13 26

Please tell me I'm not the only one saying "WTF?"

Oh no, I'm right here with you. What the hell is Sis's problem?

queencabello 19

Good for you. It sure is a shame that this FML has nothing to do with that type of subject matter.

Why should they shut up? I mean, your comment was pretty irrelevant to the post, they only pointed that out.

Helldemon 32

Considering her sister is probably cheating with her boyfriend, not sure how it's irrelevant.

annaovd1 8

Find a friend with the same name as your sister, and tell your sister to change her name because it'll get weird.