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Today, I was paid to take pictures of an anti-vaxxer parent, who'd decided he would disprove the theory of gravity too. He'd read it was a hoax on the internet. FML
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On a dark note, this scenario (had it tragically played out) would still tie into the "Circle of Life" song from the Lion King. It seems the correlations cannot be escaped.


On a dark note, this scenario (had it tragically played out) would still tie into the "Circle of Life" song from the Lion King. It seems the correlations cannot be escaped.

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Haha, not quite the right target audience though. Most fml commenters seem to be of the antivaccination type.

no, most FML commentors actually use their brains unlike those anti vaccinators.

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There have been no where near enough [major/cringe-worthy] grammar/spelling errors for this to be true. I can usually comprehend most comments as well. Thus, sorry, polsen, I quite think you are wrong.

I've actually found it quite refreshing how liberal/forward-thinking/science-oriented the FML crowd seems to be. There was that one about the guy who has a flat-earther friend, and all the comments were very supportive in terms of science and convincing his friend that they're an idiot.

Whenever it comes up, in my experience, the majority of the community are certainly not anti-vaxxers.

list of people that don't use their brains anti vaxxers trump supporters and so called born again christians

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I'd be interested to watch him try it, and earn himself a Darwin award in the process.

Technically, it wouldn't be a Darwin award as the deserving parent won't die, while the innocent kid would. Maybe it would be an honourable mention though.

I'm not an antivaxxer, but there is some validity to their beliefs. in 2014, the measels vaccine killed 108 people in the united States. the measels virus itself killed 0 people that year in the united States. just saying. not all vaccinations are really safe, and not EVERYONE needs to be vaccinated. investigate the proven science of herd immunity if you doubt me.

You would hurt yourself eating pudding with a rubber spoon. Did it occur to you that...oh never mind. You're too stupid for facts.

Herd immunity works, but only if most people are sensible and protect themselves with vaccinations. If a large proportion start freeloading, it breaks down and the dummies start getting killed by things like measles. Unfortunately, so do people with damaged immune systems, who cannot vaccinate, and depend on herd immunity. Also, whilst things like anaphylactic reactions to vaccine contents can kill, this is a lot less likely than catching "childhood" diseases and dying if you're unprotected. Measles is one of the reasons that so many died in infancy before Jenner.

Yes herd immunity look it up. It actually DISPROVES what you're saying ?

You do realise that the measles vaccine, is a weakened version of the virus itself. If a person dies from the vaccination it is almost guaranteed that he or she would have died from the full strenght virus otherwise. If you want to see effectiveness compare death rates to where the virus is still very active, cause just saying no one died in the USA from the disease is no prove to stop vaccinating.

Actually it's both: the law of gravity describes the attraction between two objects, whilst the theory of gravity describes why those two objects are attracted to each other.

It's a bit convoluted for me but congrats on having it selected.