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Today, my sister called me and asked if my boyfriend of 3 years had proposed to me yet. And now the surprise is ruined. FML
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Well that wasn't very smart of your sister.

She needs to think more often. If he did I'm pretty sure she would announce it.

Taking this for how it is written "the surprise IS ruined" meaning it didn't happen yet, perhaps the sister was just wondering in general. There may be no surprise to be ruined and OP is just wishful thinking that her sister thwarted a proposal attempt.

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Maybe it was just a simple question? She might not have known that he was going to propose.

This looks like a job for... The Forget-me Rock! *throws a rock with a giant F on it* Wait, what was I doing?

Sometimes people can be so daft. But it exactly wasn't her fault either. I guess she was just excited.

Forget me rock eh? Sounds handy do they sell them at Target?

Target is for *******. You have to get your rock from that alleyway by that liquor store in the bad part of town between the times of 11pm and 3am. Ask for Terrell.

Target is for *******. You have to get your rock from that alleyway by that liquor store in the bad part of town between the times of 11pm and 3am. Ask for Terrell.

Rather that than your sister sleeping with your fiance, right? (FML reference)

138: I dunno about that--there's something extra-infuriating about the stupidity of this FML's dumb sister.

OP,call her back and say "did your bf break up with you yet?"

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Do women really want that to be a surprise? I'd rather know in advance. Save surprise for a nice wedding gift or honeymoon. I'd thank my sister for the heads up so I don't blow it somehow. It's too big an issue to care about a flaky surprise.

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well at least it was a good surprise!!

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Wow... Re-read the FML again.. There's nothing that says he was planning to break up with her... The sister just ruined the surprise for op... Congrats op! :) too bad your sister is a moron...

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4 dont assume things because you make an ASS outta U & ME.

Congrats OP on getting married. Sorry your sister ruined it for you. That was stupid on her part. But good luck in the future OP!

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101--looks like you don't need any help in looking like an ass. It was a joke, btw. "Legally Blonde" style. Oh well.

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Wow people are rarely funny on this app/site... You are all ding dongs anyways...

Dude you can't even be talking bout funny especially since ur still a kid; anyways it aint bout your hotdogs or just plain stupidity. Yet we are here for OP sorry to hear that but at least your gettin married :D congrats!

OnlychildFTW Nice description, haha I wanted to check out the picture which led to reading it :D hah

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Siickman, you're just butthurt because you got down voted. Grow up.

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Time to practice your surprised face!

Imagine her boyfriends reaction when she already knows about his proposal

Red Hot Chili Peppers :D freakin awesome

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I saw them live. They were freaking amazing.

I get the impression that dogs like the red hot chilli peppers... ;)

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Well if they do they got good taste in music :D

Start practicing your "Surprised" face! :)

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How does this comment have more thumbs up than the one just before it?

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It could be that it ended with a smiley face! That's my guess anyway. Lol.

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Guess it doesn't work for everyone Caramel.

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Look at the time, they were both posted at the same time.

If he's creative it'll still make a great proposal story

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Exactly, these things just get funnier with time, by the time their children are old and have moved out of home it will be a completely different outrageous story that gets told for laughs at the family gatherings

I agree, #9. Surprise only lasts for an instant anyway. OP, don't get all worked up about that part. It's about what he says and your response. It's not worth being upset with your slightly dim sister. She's excited for you and how can you get angry with that? Honestly, I thought the FML was about a nagging sister asking if it was ever going to happen. That would truly suck. But instead you've got two people at least who, presumably, love you. Count it all joy.

A slightly better idea would be to call the boyfriend... Or now husband?

52: I googled it to make sure before commenting. In french it's fiancé, in english it's fiance.

Wrong. It's standard to use an accent on the E. It is a loan-word after all.

I guess google isn't efficient (: thank you.

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If im right why did I get thumbed down?

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Because people are scared of people who know correct answers. 'Oh noes! A smart person! We must dislike them!!' lol