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Today, my Platoon Sergeant caught me unshaved, so now I have to write a 1000 word essay on "The importance of shaving." FML
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it will be funnier if OP is a girl


he could have been caught sucking a dude off

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yeah that would be way worse...

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you should have shaved. ur in the marines... grow up and do what your told..

maybe he will have more than one punishment... aka doing his sergeant a favor...

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Atleast its not 2000 words :D

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your lucky, back in my day you would be lucky if they only made you run 5 miles. after getting a good ass chewing and maybe thrown into a few things.


If you are in the Military you know not to miss shaving. I know it's not fun to do it everyday, but as you will find out in your essay, it's important lol.

"Shaving is very very very very very very very very very important, you should do it really really really really really really often, because hair can get very very very very very very long. It's extremely extremely extremely important especially in the armed forces" there you go. if you go off of that you'll get 1000 words no problem

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35 - haha " back in my day" smh

that's the first thing they teach you in basic you should have gotten more or go on profile

it could've been way worse!...when I was at training somebody hid one of my shoes and when we were awaken by our staff seargeant I had only one shoe...not only did I have to run 3 miles with one shoe but I had to write a 5 thousand page essay on the why " I should make sure no one steals my shit"

52 - 5 thousand pages! holy monkey nuts that's one long f'in essay

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geeeeeez yes he needs to shave but that doesnt mean hes not grown up

shaving is important because the enemy might attack by pulling your beard hairs. it's a safety precaution.

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That stinks. But the only person to blame is yourself.

sorry, correction number 60 it was 5000 words not pages lol...that would be one long ******* essay!

Quit whining about your NCO putting Joe Blow in their place for Joes **** up's. Joe being you. Your in the army from the sounds of it instead of another branch. You got off lucky. Just look up the manual for uniform wear and appearance.

wow what a bunch of ******* I wish I could of just written a paper when I was in

What we did in basic is if u got caught with a little bit of scruff on ur chin your battle buddy had to shave ur face every morning because u obviously arent responsible enough to take the 10 seconds to shave everymorning. but its different in the regular army. now u just get counseling statements which leads to deduction of pay and probable demotion if u get enough article 15's. OP i suggest u get a whiteboard and put it on ur door so u can go over the list of sensitive items and important actions needed to be taken before u go to work.

20 - who said he was in the marines? Platoon Sergeant could be in the Army also. OP - first, thanks for your service! second, shave!!! it's obviously worth the 5 extra minutes in the morning. third, be thankful he didn't run you ass off!

damn 1000 words thats alot of words

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I support any one in the service, thank you for serving your country. You really should quit whining though, it's only an essay

Draw a picture of someone with a really long beard. ______ /|||||||||||||||| || <>. <>. || ||| . ||| |||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||| |||||||| |||| ||| A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Draw a picture of someone with a really long beard. ______ /|||||||||||||||| || <>. <>. || ||| . ||| |||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||| |||||||| |||| ||| A picture is worth a 1000 words. my comment still isn't posting wtf?

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An essay? What ever happened to getting the shit smoked out of you? That's how my unit did it, I don't know anyone who ever had to write an essay. One time I did see two guys give a "class" on shaving where they had to dry shave because they didn't do it.... And then they got the shit smoked out of them... Unless you were off duty, ydi man. AR 670-1.

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imagine if it was 10000 words and you had to make your essay into the shape of a mans face SHAVED :) so.. defo could have been worse :D

do what 43 said:) Im told there's generally a 10% allowance either way aswell, so only 900 to go!

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I bet you didn't do everything u were suppose to when u were a private. I bet your a supplie Sgt.

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#168, shut the **** up. You're an ignorant pig for saying something as awful as that to the people fighting for our freedom. Please, sir, go **** off and die. I'm shocked your comment hasn't been moderated yet. That's just disgusting. OP, that does suck. You could've gotten it a lot worse, though. As long as you make sure you shave EVERY time you need to (every day if necessary, even), you should be okay. I thank you for your service. :)

5000 PAGES??!?!!? hoooooly ****. |the kid|

OP, some of my friends had to write these kinds of things. I never had to, I was a good boy...(insert sarcastic smirk here).

could be way worse. u could be this guy haaaaa

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174- that's 168's opinion so maybe you should fck off?

1000 words is not an essay... My shopping lists are longer than that, jeez.

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76, more like it's possible that you won't get a proper seal on your gas mask if you need it in combat. sure, shit happens but you also look like a shitbag being the one without it. or as a volunteer back home, you'd be sucking in a lot of smoke in a burning building...

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Haha ****** boot! maybe now you'll take the 5 minutes to shave like your suppose to

Mkay yesterday the mods tell me ASCII is allowed and today they moderate my picture???

I don't see why any one would think this is an FML or even feel sorry for him, this is exactly what he signed up for, it's his job to shave, there's no reason why the punishment should've been worse, the platoon sgt is going easy on him

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52 wrote a book. fck 5000 pages!!! now that's an fml

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jk hahahahahaha 5000 words!!

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44 pretty headband(: but whats smh?

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43 made me laugh do what he said

don't worry I'm sure you will get an A

you know you need to shave so that is what you should have done. ydi

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suck it up soldier jeez at least ur not pushing

I was hoping blue coconuts would join in on this lol

hahhahaha good job devil dog. way to be a shit bag.

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so that's the reason! duh it was before our eyes the whole time and we never knew why!

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268. damn, OP got DD'd! besides, it has yet to be established that the OP is a devil dog. or a soldier for that matter.

yeah he could have gotten AIDS.. thats worse...

Thats retarded. In most other militaries I know it's ordered to either be clean shaven or you can bearded, only things like moustaches ain't how come the marines don't let you sport a beard..?

That's not the reason. It is because of hygiene issues.

Sorry I meant for this to be under #76

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That's about one and half to two pages on Microsoft Word... So not really.

oh wow. maybe you should have just shaved xD

hahaha...this sounds like a punishment I would give someone. Have fun, and shave next time.

And you sound like the kind of people who piss me off and punish people for their own enjoyment.

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12, that's lame. The only punishments for not shaving I've given out have been to moonwalk on base for an hour (McGuire AFB) or something else along those lines. Embarrassment works much better than writing essays or running IMO.

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yea that's considered hazing dumb ass. and the last time I checked you get a njp or a court martial for that

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It's not hazing when it doesn't cause physical or emotional trauma, dumbass. But what do I know, I'm only a first lieutenant.