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  WhyTheFace4  |  0

I think it's that she got all prettied up. not to go out and have fun but rather to take a picture for a social website where she has 20 friends and they're all family.

  soonersbaby21  |  0

I don't think op is referring to the makeup, but the fact that putting on makeup for a facebook pic is the only thing she has to do because she has no friends, life, selfesteem, hobbies, etc. Fyl op for being either so bitchy and unagreeable, or ugly and shy that you have no friends.

  happy_dino  |  6

Omg!!! There are sooo many LAME fmls!!!! Don't choose these lame ass fmls!! There are much better fmls than this!! Like the one with the kid who was left alone when their family went to a fair!!! or something MUCH BETTER!!!!!!! >:(

  NuyoRicanGirl  |  3

why the hell did my comment get moderated when all I said was..... you call this crap an FML???? putting on make up for any pic even for FB does not mean u don't have a life dumb ass!!!!!

  tienjt  |  3

The phrase "no life" is subjective and is thrown around so often that it's getting lame. You can do whatever you want in the 70 or more years you have on this earth. Besides, what defines a "life?" You think hanging out friends and going to places automatically means you have a so-called "life?" A person who plays videogames all day has just as much a "life" as you do; he just lives it differently. Personally, I lose respect for those who insult others by saying that they have no "life."