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Today, I put on makeup for a picture. My Facebook profile picture. That's how much of a life I actually have. FML
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alicia_was_here 3

hows that mean you dont have a life?


alicia_was_here 3

hows that mean you dont have a life?

thikimo 0

cause that was the highlight of her day. or it's a guy.

who puts on makeup for a facebook picture?

maybe she's actually ugly without a makeup? or

JustJess666 0

I do and so do most girls. duh!

alicia_was_here 3

well if thats all she looks forward to during the day then i doubt she has friends that even look at her pictures anyway

um since when has putting on makeup been a bad thing? lol this isn't a fml..

samantha987 0

i don't get this one... it doesn't seem like an fml. btw what's anti flood protection???

WhyTheFace4 0

I think it's that she got all prettied up. not to go out and have fun but rather to take a picture for a social website where she has 20 friends and they're all family.

I don't think op is referring to the makeup, but the fact that putting on makeup for a facebook pic is the only thing she has to do because she has no friends, life, selfesteem, hobbies, etc. Fyl op for being either so bitchy and unagreeable, or ugly and shy that you have no friends.

Soonersbaby21, I know people who have trouble with keeping/making friends for no reason other than bad luck/choices in friends, and they don't match any of the negative qualities you described.

all you bitches don't worry about makeup, I'll smear some monkey nut sweat on your faces. it'll be an improvement for u all anyway. Monkey nut juice bitches!!!!!!

I know a few girls who do that and they have a life. don't worry about it.

mshoes12346 3

people who care too much about their looks duhh

Facebook = Satan. so you're getting pretty for the devil. just saying...

Who cares, look at FML, it's turned into a stupid jailbait picture server....

Omg!!! There are sooo many LAME fmls!!!! Don't choose these lame ass fmls!! There are much better fmls than this!! Like the one with the kid who was left alone when their family went to a fair!!! or something MUCH BETTER!!!!!!! >:(

Igor_g5 0

If you post a comment too soon after your last one they won't let you. it kinda sucks.

people who think they're ugly that's who

my cat didn't need makeup for his photo-shoot

why the hell did my comment get moderated when all I said was..... you call this crap an FML???? putting on make up for any pic even for FB does not mean u don't have a life dumb ass!!!!!

quent10 0

it's funny because you used sarcasm to say one thing but mean the opposite

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

I put on makeup for pictures! I mean what girl doesn't? (unless they have sensitive skin, of course)

Just look at FML, it's become a slutty jailbait picture server...

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tienjt 3

The phrase "no life" is subjective and is thrown around so often that it's getting lame. You can do whatever you want in the 70 or more years you have on this earth. Besides, what defines a "life?" You think hanging out friends and going to places automatically means you have a so-called "life?" A person who plays videogames all day has just as much a "life" as you do; he just lives it differently. Personally, I lose respect for those who insult others by saying that they have no "life."

skull_candy 0

very well said my man. i never thought about it like that.

now that I think about it,that's pretty sad. Low self esteem grows in fat chicks. don't let it grow in you.

skyttlz 32

Sean! I missed ur comments!

gurlthatwalks 0

sadly I know alottttt of people who do that

xesyeso 0

sadly, i do the same thing. your not alone.

omfgrofl1337 0

pretty sure everyone who has a pic up right now made it just for fml or facebook therefore y'all need lives

omfgrofl1337 0
brenduh911 0

uhhhm'? I'm confused...I do that all the time... even if I'm just staying in or going out..

Same here. I may be going out or just do it to make a new picture. How the hell is this an FML or a YDI?

ummm this isn't an fml... I do that sometimes

16-are you trying to be Ke$ha or some shit?looks like it.

kitkatt978 5

you look like Ke$ha.....she's s drunk ***** who can't sing.... nuff said

I'd say F your life, but you don't have a life to get F-ed

or maybe you do?? either way I'm going in circles now so =p

wellllll I put makeup on for fb profile pics, only when I'm bored. but I have a life (; ^___^

YDI for using facebook. YDI for wearing makeup. YDI for taking photos. YDI for whining about it instead of doing something about it.