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Today, my parents yelled at me for 10 minutes without letting me get a word in edgeways for getting a 48 on my test. They took my phone, unplugged my internet, and took my car keys. They wouldn't listen no matter how many times I told them, "It was out of 50". It actually was. FML
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  HKCgrimmjow  |  15

#40 I've seen 3 comments of yours now and not a single one correlates with what's being talked about even mildly, perhaps you should start reading the FMLs before you comment

  omg36  |  7

I love how, if someone misspells something or makes one TINY grammatical error on this website, most likely due to autocorrect, there are a good 15-20 people there to point it out.

By  nyrangersfan9  |  13

My brother said that today. Except I guessed the "out of 50". Try showing them the test. If you can't get ahold of it, just email your teacher. If THAT doesn't work, just have your teacher sign a note for it. Hopefully they'll believe that.

By  NickaPLZ  |  26

Do they want you to be a doctor or a lawyer or something? They sound like the types that demand control OF their kids' lives FOR their entire lives...