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By Anonymous - 29/05/2013 07:17 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I had to eat up a few specks of toilet paper to avoid spoiling "the moment" with my girlfriend. FML
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Did I miss something here or are you just an asshole?

66 - being ugly and being unsanitary are two different things.

Oh 66's comment is gone now. Carry on.

I'm sure he had enough toilet paper to wipe the dirty look off his face afterwards... Hehe..

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All I wanna know is what 66 said

#85... it was nothing of intelligence or relevance...your brain is better off for missing it

No it wasn't worth it, he could've just picked her up , made out with her while walking to the shower and continue everything there. Now that would've been a win win situation and hot.

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There is no way that was worth it take a shower together clean each other and have a better "moment"

Does anyone else think this is a weird thing to be worried about? I mean, he was putting his mouth on her ******. Obviously finding toilet paper brings to mind something you really want to think about during those moments, but honestly, that toilet paper had nothing on it that he wouldn't have encountered up in there anyways.

Some people eat toilet paper without question, its a weird habit but they can't help it, so its normal for some people

who else read that in Cleveland's voice? ^_^. but yes...thats more than a little horrid..

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22 explain how eating toilet paper is a habit?

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86- There was a lady on My Strange Addiction that was addicted to eating toilet paper. True story.

Agree, I would of passed this process

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Was she addicted to eating it out of girls pubic hair? I'm going to go with no.

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Oh i get it now. Thanks 134

Process of reading this FML: 1-5 seconds after reading: "huh? I don't get it.." 5-10 seconds: (re-reads FML slowly) 10-15 seconds: "holy shit that's messed up" 15-1000000 seconds: "someone get me a bucket"

It was just an fyi for you guys, I've seen it in my strange addiction, it seemed relevant so i thought I would mention it

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And there were pieces of toilet paper still stuck to her from whenever she went to the bathroom. And I say: in such a case it's perfectly acceptable to tell her to go wash herself, then try to get back in the mood. Better having it ruined once, than encountering a problem like that more often.

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From 5's name you really shouldn't know what's going on. Preserve the innocence of this 14 year old.

#5's name is bj - not sure there's any innocence to preserve!

Lmao I'm not 14 and this name has nothing to do with what you think it means. Don't assume.

This isn't common knowledge people...

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I didn't understand it at first but after reading some comments it finally clicked.

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He was eating her out, and there was toliet paper peices left behind!

really "bjdog98"? youre not 14? are you totally sure bjdog98? that youre not 14?

He's probably 15, which is why he's denying being 14! lol

Poor OP. =/ that's just really gross.

a taste that you'll never forget depending on what exactly came on the paper

Oh. My. God! I just gagged at the thought of that! OP- seriously?!? *shudders*