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Today, at the age of 23, I brought my boyfriend over to meet my parents. My father swabbed his mouth for DNA and fingerprinted him. FML
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Hey guys. This is the full scoop. My father is about 5'9'' and my boyfriend is 6'4''. My dad was going to intimidate him in anyway he could. He started the night off by answering the door and telling my BF that I was out on my real date for the night. Obviously, my dad has a very dry sense of humor. I don't think he was actually going to send what he collected to a lab, but he didn't crack a smile the whole time it was going on. I tried to stop him, multiple times, at which point my dad said that my boyfriend was lucky he couldn't find any latex gloves that day because it meant he was going to have to skip the prostate exam. My mother was there and thought it was hilarious. My boyfriend is wonderful and rolled with the punches. He took it very well and we are still together. :) Many of you asked if my dad works in law enforcement. Nope, he's just a Texan (which I feel I should point out my boyfriend is not). My father is incredibly proud of himself, I think even more so now that so many of the comments were in his favor. I was, and still am, absolutely mortified.

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Just looking out for you. It could be worse. He couldn't give a damn about you.

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Either your dads a cop or just paranoid, it's good to know he cares though right?


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sounds like something I would do to any of my daughters' boyfriends, when they're old enough to date

it is the typical 'i will make sure you disappear if you ever hurt my daughter' dad role. be glad it wasn't much worse :) hope it didn't scare your boyfriend off OP.

astralvagan 20

at least he didn't toss a bullet at him and say it travels faster after 10

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I want a daughter just to do the scene from bad boys.. "how old are you? "15" "YOU LOOK 30!"

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Little advice, #1; I'm not saying she will be, but being overprotective usually makes your daughter grow into a ***** because she wants to spite you and prove that she's grown and can do whatever she wants(proven fact). Be a father, but don't be too controlling. It'll save you, and her.

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Yea. Look at Miley Cyrus. Up until she was 18 (or close to it) she was always told what she can't do. Look at her now.

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30, knowing one case of something happening a certain way does not make it a proven fact. Your contention is ridiculous.

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@33- One case? No, not at all! Multiple cases upon multiple cases. Go find any girl that was ever raised by an extremely controlling and overprotective father, ask her if this is true, and I guarantee you that she will tell you how many times she's ****** up in her day. The logic is there. Being controlling raises sneaky children, and sneaky children lose their virginity at 14.

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Agreed often times the intent is good and wanting to protect her is good, but this is going to far. A lot of girls end up lonely and sad in teens/ early 20's because of stuff like this. You don't want the daughter not having any relationship experience until her mid 20's and make bad choices.

truth!!! I couldn't agree dad was controlling as soon as I turned 13 lol.

When my daughter starts dating, I'll have a shotgun an a shovel sitting in the corner.

Down voting 14 for hopping on to #1 and telling everyone about it so you learn.

I don't know why you were thumbed down, I plan to pull the move from bad boys 2 with a good friend of mine.

Just looking out for you. It could be worse. He couldn't give a damn about you.

Yea cause violating the bfs rights by intimidation and being an all around ass hat is much better.

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#17 you clearly have no idea how many children would die to have a father figure in there life that actually cares about them and wants to be involved in there life

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Either your dads a cop or just paranoid, it's good to know he cares though right?

Be glad he didn't ask for a urine sample too.

I heard he asked for a stool sample because urine samples aren't detailed enough...

Oh to be a father, be glad that's all that was done.

I know how you feel OP. My brothers are both cops and my step dad is certainly not afraid of having them swing by in uniform when I bring a date home.

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My family always sends the extra hillbilly group of cousins over when they want to scare away boyfriends. A toothless fellow in overalls on the porch makes a good "how much do I like her" gut check moment.

Atleast ur dad is not the guy from "Meet the fockers"

My dad just sits in the porch waiting with a shot gun. :o

That is absolutely amazing! Loving your father!!

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