By xxxkkxxx - 29/07/2011 15:37 - Hong Kong

Today, my parents took me on a plane ride for a vacation in Hong Kong. What they didn't tell me was that the "vacation" is extended for three years. FML
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shit dude, stop pressing send!

socalduude879 1

quadruple did that even...


u needa learn chinese

Y'all gon' learn chinese!

Kung Fu and fortune cookies, no problem here.

OP has a lot to learn apparently. packing up everything you own for a vacation? or did you leave behind your furnature?

OP has a lot to learn apparently. packing up everything you own for a vacation? or did you leave behind your furnature?

OP has a lot to learn apparently. packing up everything you own for a vacation? or did you leave behind your furnature?

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shit dude, stop pressing send!

socalduude879 1

quadruple did that even...

iSitt 0

on such sudden notice, maybe they're fleeing from the law..

iSitt 0

on such sudden notice, maybe they're fleeing from the law..

iloveeyouuxD 9

24- win!

I think what they meant by "vacation" is their extended vacation away from OP, congrats, your hated.

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damn were alredy getting ready for the chinese takeover

I know I hope he got banned

theten_fml 9

you can call everyone "Ching Chong"

tjv3 10

well just think of all the Asian putang over there

I pressed send once and my iPod froze and closed out the app after 10 seconds -_- sorry bout that

-24 everyone fucking hates when ppl say "winning". ur not charlie sheen and ur defiantly aren't funny

look on the bright side, you could be their greatest porn star of history.

199, thank you for letting us know what EVERYONE thinks. Golly, and to think that I thought "winning" was a good thing. You sure showed me!

Thank-you. Most of them understand English too, but you'd have to speak really slowly and if they speak it it's a little fobbish..

kdawg360 0

I'm starting to think that this isn't a vacation

You're an idiot. Re-read the post.

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ni hao bitches :) oh wait that's mandarin...

nnnihad 6


Not necessarily. A lot of people there speak workable English.

Hong Kong is quite different to China, it has access to youtube and google and other sites like that. There are also a lot of European people left over from the time Hong Kong belonged to the UK. There are also a ton of international schools which don't speak or teach Chinese but only speak English so those kids know English pretty well. So basically, you can live in HK speaking English.

stuner56 22

that sucks man, hope you learn Chinese quick

I don't understand how OP was unable to notice that they packed three years of clothes for a "vacation"

Yarrachel 16

Maybe they didn't pack that much. They may return to get more stuff or get new stuff in Hong Kong.

...there is no such language as Chinese... He would need to know Cantonese.

^He's correct. Chinese is a bunch of Asian languages, No one actually speaks "Chinese"

juicedboi 7

But it's not only canto, there are many dialects. Canto and mandarin being the common. Along with shaolin and many others. Either way it's going to be difficult to learn without prior knowledge of the language.

luckily china has laundry machines ;)

47. most people don't have 3 years worth of clothes. he has a week or two worths like a long vacation, and he will have to wash them, if you have over 1000 pairs of clothes and can carry it in a suitcase onto an airplane, I'd be very impressed

Cereal_Is_Good 5

I don't know about you, but I don't need three years of clothing. My clothes last me about a week and a half and then I wash them. OP could have packed all their clothes thinking it was a weeklong vacation or something.

chickety china the chinese chicken have a drumstick and your brain starts clickin' XD

docbastard75 5

I love that song, it took me awhile to keep up with rapping though.

77- chinese is a bunch of asian languages.. ??...O_O... How much do u charge me for general knowledge classes?

They speak English there too ! --'

Chinese is a language. Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Wu, etc are all dialects of Chinese. The reason Chinese is considered as a language is because they all use the same writing system.

Honestly, it's not even that urgent. Everyone speaks English in Hong Kong, anyway. So he can learn as he goes . . .

kittyLoveZombiez 0

realy 0.0

Hong kong is half English any way

anyone have a gun possibly?

For shooting some sense into you, yes.

iloveeyouuxD 9

^^ aha

yes but I'm saving it for king kong's attack on hong kong...

rockerguy73 0

seriously don't even joke about that because people kill themselves all the time and sometimes because of stupid comments like that

mruizk9 7


You mean Chinese....

Ummmm.... You're joking right?

dtbomb 3

Super Face Palm

dtbomb 3

Wrong comment sorry

I posted my comment under lolasains and it ended here?? .... lame!

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You mean Chinese......

lopez1222 3


TaylorTotsYumm 10

You mean Latin. Oh wait..

how not funny.

I hope you speak Russian, lolasians, because я думаю что ты уродливый и тупой. I mean that in the nicest of ways, of course.

dtbomb 3

Rule number 1 when traveling to another country for an extended period, FBGM.

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Flamingos buying gum machines?

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LoveKeepsGoing 7

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thought it was fuck bi****s get money

Fuck Big Grumpy Mexicans

fuck bitches, get money....that's what urban dictionary says.

ElainaCutsYou 0

that SUCKS.. donkey balls, maybe.

pYrO92583 0

that is my favorite quotation ever... said by zeke off of infamous

fuck you all retards saying it sucks, I wished to go hong long where I grew up but don't have the time

106 - being that OP apparently wasn't aware of the long period of time he'd be staying in Hong Kong.. it does suck. imagine one day packing up, getting on a flight, and later being informed that wherever you landed, you'd be living for a few years. if you previously thought the trip was going to be short, I'd imagine you wouldn't have said the proper "This may be the last time I see you" goodbyes to all of the important people in your life.

3 years? good luck :( yikes. FYL.

docbastard75 5

Happy Friday :)

happy 4th of July

Merry Christmas?