By windsoffate - 09/06/2016 16:46 - United States - Portland

Today, as I was getting ready for work, I heard a noise almost like someone was puking all over the bathroom floor. When I went to check, my 14-year-old son was puking all over the bathroom floor. The toilet, however, was pristine. FML
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Maybe he didn't make it in time? That does happen.

I'd hate to see how bad he aims when he pees.


I'd hate to see how bad he aims when he pees.

Maybe he didn't make it in time? That does happen.

deathstroke990 22

it doesn't really matter the age, when someone's sick the vomit doesn't always listen

oh poor boy. as a mommy i feel so bad for your son. i hate it when my son is sick. what a horrible way for him to start summer vacation. :(

I've seen situations where both the toilet and the floor are a disaster in the aftermath. At least he chose one and committed to it.

khiiirsty 14

Me too. One time, my friend came over off the *****. What started off as a study night before finals, ended with him puking all over the bathroom floor, toilet, and shower. Considering I had an exam early that morning, I was pissed at the mess. He ended up being okay after he sobered up though, which is most important.

It's either alcohol poisoning or a stomach flu. Previous OP went with the stomachache, I wonder what your kid will go with?

Well, there can be 100 different reasons for vomiting so making that assumption seems a bit narrow-minded.

*Woosh* Hey OP, did you give your son a suppository yet?

@16 It's a comment connecting and earlier FML... And it's an indirect way of asking op: why the kid was throwing up? Op can now respond by laughing and saying "no it's neither, he just didn't want to go to school." (because you can bet that was only one of the reasons I threw up around that age.) @17 we should start a chant: suppository! Suppository!

Look you have to forgive him. Us men struggle a little bit to aim in the mornings. Piss or vomit both come out the front... Just a bit of a height diffrence though.

Speak for yourself man. When I piss or vomit, my aim is impeccable. Defecating however presents the problem, how can you aim correctly with your back at the target?

That's what happens when you keep making him put the toilet seat down. When you have to puke you have to puke.