By Anonymous - 10/9/2021 20:01

Ball and chain

Today, my parents tricked me by claiming we were going on holiday, but stopped at grandma"s first, "just to say hi", then left me there with my bags. They dumped me with grandma and went on holiday without me. FML
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By  Marcella1016  |  31

That’s a super dick move. Maybe it’s not super fun staying at grandma’s, but to make you think you were going on some big vacation, just to be dropped off somewhere, must’ve been a huge disappointment. At least fucking grow up and tell you in advance. Sorry OP.

  Marcella1016  |  31

Idk if I tell my kid we’re going to Disney World and then I take them to the dentist...I couldn’t blame them if they resented me and developed major trust issues. Everyone has their own parenting styles, but IMHO that’s one surefire way to mess up a kid.

By  xxcutekatxx2  |  12

When I was a kid we stopped at my nans on the way to a holiday and decided I didn't want to go and stayed with my nan. Lucky I did as something in the boot was starting to burn a home in a sleeping bag and would have caught fire if I hadn't decided to stay behind.

Also enjoy the time with your grandparents whilst you can. You only get so much time with them. Yes it's a dick move what your family done but enjoy it nonetheless and pray they have a terrible holiday haha

By  Wadlaen  |  21

Well, by the sound of it, you'd probably enjoy staying with your grandma more than with your family.
I hope she's a kind and fun grandma, and that you can enjoy yourself with her.
Best of luck with the rest of your family!