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  then000bster  |  16

Just look up one of those contests where they claim to give a "year" supply and find out if it honestly is.
Maybe the noodle supply doesn't mean you can live off of it for a whole year, but means, if people live normally this is how many noodles they'd eat in a year.

  Jellybean22  |  14

When I was a freshman in high school my mom was an extreme coupon-er and bought a hundred boxes of ramen... I could NOT have finished that in TWO weeks, that's crazy.

  picante72  |  24

Hypothetical consumption schedule: 14 days x 3 meals per day = 42 meals. 365 packs of ramen / 42 = 8.7 packs per meal or 26 packs per day. This guy has a problem.

By  PresAgent  |  23

There's nothing wrong with that, ramen noodles are great! A little high in sodium, perhaps, but great nonetheless. Your family sounds a tad bit strange, OP. If that's their biggest concern, I'd say you're doing pretty good.