By catslave - 17/09/2016 08:43 - New Zealand

Today, my cat wanted to go out. She watched me open the front door, leave it open while I got something from the car then come back inside. She then insisted on going out the back door. I'm a slave to a cat. FML
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Then don't let it out, or pick it up and put it outside? Why is this something to complain about?


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Cat's have a plan, and they stick to it.

Then don't let it out, or pick it up and put it outside? Why is this something to complain about?

Then don't let it outside until it goes out the front, problem solved.

It's not just cats. My friend's dog did just that last night. He went out through the garage in the front of the house, did his business in the backyard, but would not come in until you opened the back patio door. We stood there calling him and he wouldn't budge. Animals like to be difficult too. Their means are just more passive aggressive.

And if you had come in the back door it would have demanded to go out the front. It is common knowledge that cats actually own their people.

Cats are not children they are animals that depend on humans to keep them safe. A human child can be taught not to play in traffic or lay in the warm street, a human child can be taught not to kill the neighbours pond fish or not shit in the neighbours garden. A cat however can not be reasoned with and needs a humans protection. That's why you are the owner If you let a cat outside without a leash or in a proper outdoor enclosure You are failing your cat on so many levels. You are failing your neighbours you are failing Mother Nature and adding to a growing problem!

Oh, mind your own damn business. As long as the cat is fixed, vaccinated, and wearing a bell he's gonna be okay and not cause major problems. Cats aren't ******* stupid. The vast majority of them know not to play in traffic. If cats were so helpless, ferrel cats wouldn't be such a huge problem.

The neighbors' pond fish are helpless animals that need their owners' protection, too. They need to install safety netting over their pond, so no cats or feral animals can get in. Why are you not demanding that?

11 - I don't think Will Ferrell has enough cats to be a problem. Unless you mean his snow blindness thing from Talladega Nights.

My cat is indoor and outdoor, fix, vaccinated, and totally healthy. She's 12 and a half years old and never had a problem with the outdoors. Cat's are typically very smart, some not so much as others. The owner just has to decide what's best for the cat. I have 3 other cats and they are indoor outdoor as well, 2 of my boy cats will roam a few houses down, where as my youngest cat barely even goes in the front yard, much less the neighbor's yard and I've never seen her go near the street, she typically stays in the back yard. As long as the owner makes sure the cat is vaccinated and fixed and the area they live in isn't dangerous, there's nothing wrong with letting your cat go outside. That being said once night time hits we make sure they are inside because of predators.

I have cats that shit my my garden. That I need to weed out. I don't own cats yet I was woken up at 4:30 one morning to a cat fight in my yard blood a fur everywhere that I had to clean. My kids can't have a sand box because of neighbour cats. They love a sand box. Cats are pets that deserve your protection put them on a leash or in an enclosure don't just let them out. It's rude and inconsiderate of everyone around you that does not want to live with your cat.

My pet fish's should be safe in MY yard!!!! I don't have outdoor cats, I responsibly keep my cats indoors Have you ever tried to put netting over a pond? That is just insane. It doesn't work, and it can damage the fish.

You do realize that not just cats, but just about any animal could shit in a garden or outdoor sand box or hunt fish that are in a pond, right?

When I was growing up my parents covered my sand box when it wasn't being used cause if they didn't our cat would poop in it theses days you can buy sandboxes that come with covers

I can tell racoon Poo from cat poo it's very different And as for a covered sandbox we tried that but the covers are not what they used to be. And again. I'm a responsible Cat owner I don't let my cats outdoors, why do I need to cover up, bolt down, and protect everything I own from asshole cat owners AND then listen to those cat owners complain about how annoying or costly it is to live with an outdoor cat!!!