By sammers27 - 19/12/2013 13:48 - United States - Scottsdale

Today, a weird guy in pajama pants and a fake hair-hat kept standing by us at a concert. Everyone talked about what a creep he was. I would have too, but he was my dad. FML
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Well, the only way you can thank him is by dressing up as a panda and accompanying him to work. Have fun OP


At his point in life there is a good chance that would be a VERY lost cause.

OP: "Now, Dad, you see when a man loves a woman very much..."

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Hey if he took you there, you have no room to talk OP. He seems like a cool guy, not many parents take their children to gigs. My mom actually took me to my very first Warped Tour. She had a blast there, and I wouldn't have changed that moment for anything. Parents can be embarrassing if you let them get under your skin, but you shouldn't. Embrace it, just tell him not to wear pajama pants next time, I personally see that as grimy as all hell, but again, he is who he is.

First of all, FAIL secondly, what so you wanna accomplish by being the first one here and shouting it?

#11 what in the hell are you talking about

And the vultures begin to circle, slowly closing in on this doomed comment.

Hey, #12, i think pooldude has been sniffing the pool water again.

I would have loved it if my dad did this. Sure it is embarrassing, but you're dad has to be pretty damn awesome to be wearing that in public.

There's a fine line between stupid and awesome. I think judging from what we've been told, the father falls in the former category.

Calling someone stupid because they don't give a flying chewbacca turd what others think about them? I think it's inspirational honestly.

OP's dad took him to a concert, where he may or may not like the music, I wish I had a dad like that growing up, or even now. OP you should've stood up for weird hat wearing dad.

umm and OP made it worse for not saying anything. You should have said it was your dad; poor guy.

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My dad used to wear these lime green pants that were so 80's. They had the shapes and patterns. Then he cut them into shorts... I can't tell which was worse. He finally got rid of them, thank goodness. As funny as it is now, it was embarrassing!

Talk about an over protective father!! Sorry OP

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Where does it say that OP's father is overprotective? Just because he was standing by OP?

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Ah sorry OP, who did you guys go to see?

Why would you go to a concert like that? Or even let him leave the house wearing that?

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day 6 of a crank bender, pajamas and the slash top hat seems like high fashion.

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yes because op decides what the parent wears's cute that your dad thought it was necessary to chaperon you. Those concerts can be scary.

That's what parents are for! To embarrass the crap out of you! One day you will look back on this and laugh when you tell your kids what a goof their grandpa is!

Well, the only way you can thank him is by dressing up as a panda and accompanying him to work. Have fun OP

Panda? I vote baboon, with the butt being very well for a "costume".

Walking you to school in pajamas wasn't enough for him anymore I guess