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Today, my mom told me that she was selling my favorite thing in the world, my trombone. The only thing that I'm good at is the trombone. FML
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well find something else you're good at. apparently you are good at blowing on things..that's a start

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You people are so ignorant. Just because you're good at a musical instrument doesn't mean you have a failed social life. Many of the musicians at my school are actually quite popular. People these days....


well find something else you're good at. apparently you are good at blowing on things..that's a start

It's so rare to see a well thought up first comment on fml these days, well done mitchem

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Is it ok if i got a trom-boner while reading the first comment?

well I'm flattered you were so affected by my picture but don't expect a phone call =]

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wow ur a loser... who in the world wants to play the trombone....... TROMBONE?!?!

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trombone more like trombonner

Buy another one yourself. As a life long musician, you'll do yourself the biggest injury in the world if you don't.

don't encourage him. music is worthless. go get a real job and provide something good to society

If his mom is having to sell it for the money then they probably won't have the money to just buy another one... OP does the school have one you can borrow? lots of musicians at my school had borrowed their instruments from the school.

Have you ever borrowed/used a "school-owned" instrument for your own personal use? There are few things in life that would make me cut off my own lips/tongue after the fact, and putting my lips on any school-owned instrument would be one of them. You're better off taking up another instrument. Of course, my experiences in school are somewhat different, too. Why the principal wanted me to play his clarinet while he masturbated in the corner of his office is still a mystery to me...

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If she's home schooled then she's pretty much ****** for life. Go use the public school system that you pay for with your taxes.

17 I always played school instruments, you just have to thoroughly clean them, not everyone can afford to buy their own.

most of the time even the homeschooled children in a community play in a public school band. i don't think the school band director would deny a student interested in music the opportunity.

The ability to create and appreciate art separates humans from other animals whose only motivation in life is to survive for as long as possible. Perhaps you would feel more fulfilled should you go live amongst chimpanzees.

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That's not their motivation to life. Surviving means living and living does not motivate living. Let me explain this with simple human history; before humans learned of agriculture, they were hunter-gatherers. Due to their superior intellect, they were able to create tools to survive. As they created better tools and agriculture developed, obtaining food was easier. That time saved allowed for leisure, such as art. Art is 'caused' by our thriving. Please think more before trying to sound deep. We can appreciate it, but if I play my cello, my dog comes by, as if to listen. So since even a dog has a sense of aesthetics, what does that mean?

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5, I know your probably just joking, but **** you. Music is one of the most important things in life.

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95, thank you for that very complex and in-depth explanation of our evolutionary history. I feel so enlightened.

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says a person that listens to music. ******. where do you think it comes from, idiot?

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Music is awesome. And some trombones cost over a thousand or so dollars. If his mom is selling it i'm guessing he's in high school, so a step up trombone will be well over $1,500.

Take charge for once in your life. Take your trombone and beat your mother unconcious with it, then take money from her purse for a train ticket to the nearest big city. Live on the streets playing your trombone for the passerbys until you get recognized by a large music producer. Or you can find a bunch of other hobos in the same situation, play with them and your chances will multiply of getting noticed!

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And there's always Plan B. He could play some tromboners.

Beating your mom with trombone might dent it...

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YDI for not getting out enough

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She's actually doing your social life a favour

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You people are so ignorant. Just because you're good at a musical instrument doesn't mean you have a failed social life. Many of the musicians at my school are actually quite popular. People these days....

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#9, #86 and #98 are failures at life who think that wasting their life away is cool and that they need to force that choice onto other, more successful creatures, who are actually able to create art and have a point in life.

The concept of a social life is doing things that the majority of society accepts and respects. If you're shredding on a guitar, you're going to be a lot more popular than someone playing a trombone. And to all the people making puns with the word, I hope Stephen Trombonnar kicks your asses.

I'm a musician and I have an extremely active social life. Not only a normal one, but my music brings me and leads me to meet other music lovers and musicians. Think before you post...

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I hate assholes like yourself, whose entire knowledge of musicians come from cartoons. My girlfriend and I are both in band, and both relatively popular.

Ugh you're probably just salty that you're too dumb to be good at an instrument.

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what a thing to say ! do you know how serious suicide is! ffs, you have no idea what some people go through when it comes to suicide! I hope you falls down and chews your tongue off !

i have a history of suicide attempts and thought that was hilarious. don't get so butthurt.

As a person who has committed suicide successfully, all I can say is, being dead sucks. The three things I miss the most are; coke, hookers, and buttsecks.

14, as did I, and several people in my family, both successful and not, and I by no means thinks it's funny !

I know you didn't mean this seriously, and I'm not going to jump down your throat about it. My mom and best friend both have a history of suicide attempts, so it's an important issue to me, but I think we've all found that once you get some distance it's good to be able to laugh at yourself. Still, I feel like I need to say that I don't think you should be making comments like this in a public forum. Joking with close friends when you know you all understand each other is probably fine, but you can't possibly know how every stranger on a website is going to react. Of course it doesn't make you responsible for someone's hurting themselves -- with self-harm and suicide, the greatest fault lies with the illness itself. I just really believe it's better not to take the chance that your words could cause anyone pain. If you've read all this, thanks for listening.

#14, How in the **** do you find it funny that he told the OP to go kill himself? Please enlighten me. You have a ****** up mind.

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You all are retarded for not being able to spot a troll. But as a great man once said: "Death is the solution to all problems" - Joseph Satlin.

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that it's not funny to suggest suicide.

Huh? The hookers totally did lines of coke off your dead corpse, #15, and you most certainly had buttsex.

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We all know people who commit suicide are just quitters. I have no sympathy.

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#27( and everyone who answered this) "People are the real problem. Get rid of the people, you solved your problem!" - Stalin I wont answer the troll, everyone is overreacting.

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yeah just take out Joseph and the l on satlin. what does it spell?

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Hey, guess what? He is a she.

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wats wrong with trombones? huh! I'm in band the trombones are workin' it.

Maybe now you can learn a new skill.. You'll always be a trumboner at heart...