By Spatch - 24/09/2009 02:47 - United States

Today, my navy boyfriend, who's stationed in Italy, calls me to say he is in San Francisco and is coming to see me. After scrambling to get ready, he calls me back to say he doesn't recognize the train station. After searching on Google Maps, it becomes clear he's drunk at Oktoberfest. In Germany. FML
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tenkenshi 2

At least he was thinking about you while he was drunk.


crzy8mnky 1

Yea I'm not buying that either.

Zhejan 0

What the ****, I don't get this FML at all...


**** off grammar police. OP: WOW, your life is totally ****** cos your bf is having a great time?

The girlfriend got ready moron, learn how to read.

It's not that he/she can't read. They are being a grammar Nazi because that is technically worded incorrectly.

its not october. WTF. i dont get this FML. how did you search him on google maps?

You just fail at life. Sorry, but MY GOD.

Oktoberfest is always in late September, weirdo.

The Oktoberfest is always in the last days of september.

tenkenshi 2

At least he was thinking about you while he was drunk.

I bet he would of told you earlier if he was actually coming.

For anyone screaming, "FAKE!!" to this, Oktoberfest is from September 19th through October 4th this year. Now shut your cumholes, jackwads.

How do you accidentally dial an international call? You need to add on extra numbers, no?

alright, I guess SOMAgirl deleted her comment? I assure you it was mentally stimulating, and quite the worthwhile read :)

Nah, the first 20 or so comments get ****** up really badly. It will chill out after some more comments get up.

Actually I was quite flattered that he called me. The situation was frustrating since I haven't seen him in almost a year, but it was more of a laughing FML haha

Antivirus_fml 0

You're lucky OP, your boyfriend thinks about you even when drunk.

Antivirus_fml 0

OP, you're quite lucky that your boyfriend thinks about you even when drunk. Cheer up. :)

YDI for dating a guy who's too dumb to know the difference between being in San Francisco or being in Europe. Either that or for YOU being too dumb to know when your boyfriend is ******* you over.

MandieHart 0

haha aw I wish I were there :) YDI though for dating a retard.


He was drunk usually when people drink it doesn't make them smarter.