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Today, my mum took away my laptop and my phone and won't let me call, text, or go out with friends for one month. Why? I left the toilet seat up. I'm writing this from a public library. FML
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Your mom needs to let up. That's ridiculous

HairyPunisher 27

You should get back at her by putting one of those rubber poop monsters under the toilet lid. It'll pop up when she opens it. It might extend your punishment but it'll send a harsh message about the horrors of a lowered toilet seat.


I've never understood why that is such a big deal

Same. Is it really so difficult for a girl to put the seat down? If he needs to leave it down after he leaves, then maybe she should leave it up when she leaves.

Neither do I, like if you want the toilet seat down, put the damn seat down yourself. C'mon, it only takes two seconds.

I put the lid down before I flush every time. I picked the habit up after reading about the hygiene of it... also, my cats like to drink out of toilets left open xD

The thing is - dudes CAN pee sitting down. It's a personal choice to pee standing, so they're not forced to put the seat up. Thus they should put it down. Also, lets Face it. We really don't want to touch the seat. Just install a pissoir if your manhood demands it.

The only justification I've heard are women being upset the seat was up and that they could not look and "fall in". which clearly means it's time to start whoopie cushion pranking. since they don't look before sitting.

I don't understand why it's a big deal from either side. If it only takes two seconds, as men like to state, then men are just as capable of putting it down as women. However, women should also take responsibility for checking. It works from both sides.

the difference #55 is that people are arguing in the comments that women shouldn't have to be responsible for falling into a toilet or checking if it's safe to sit down.

It takes a second to put it down and I'll even sit on the toilet with the seat up.

Always put the seat down. Also put the lid down. If you have to put the seat down she has to lift the lid.

xAmethystx 12

Men either splash water or pee on the rim and it's really gross and I don't want to have to touch it while putting the seat down. Maybe that's part of why I'm a lesbian.

Yeah I don't understand the argument either. Though I always put both the seat and the cover down because I'm terrified of things falling into the toilet. Haha.

katachristic 19

Thing is, the guy already makes the effort to lift the seat so he doesn't piss on it. Then after that, he's expected to reset it so that she doesn't have to do it? What if the next person to go is a guy? Then he lifts it and puts it down again? It's just so inefficient. It's just best if everyone takes care of their own bathroom needs because we're all adults here (or close enough for this).

BlockOfRedStone 25

#74 hit the bullseye, one can take care of their own bathroom needs. If you don't look and end up falling in then you're just as responsible as you would be if you accidentally went into the opposite gender's bathroom at the mall. There are signs above the bathrooms to look at - if you can look at that sign before going in then at home you can look at the toilet before sitting down.

#43 the thing is women CAN pee while squatting, it is a choice to plop your ass down and contemplate life while peeing. We do not want to touch the lid also you know, why do you thonk only girls get to be bactetia and germ phobic? Look where you sit and put it down, like I look where I pee and lift it up. I can just come in pull it out and start peeing without looking, and then complain that you left it up. Take care of your bathroom needs by yourself.

Same here, I always close the lid no matter what But if I'm gonna expect a guy to leave a seat down, then I expect MYSELF to do the same for him. It's not that hard either way

haha I always put both the seat down and the lid. that way, the women have to lift a lid before using it anyway - that way they know how we feel :P

try falling in and see if its no big deal. Yeah we look, but accidents happen or people are in a rush and the seat and the toilet look very similar, or its dark . . . if you pick it up, you should put it back - didnt we learn to put things back in preschool? Have you ever noticed how stairs are the same uniform hight unless its like an arena, because muscle memory tells you when to drop your foot and how high to lift it, when you miss that last step, its awful right. Now apply the same muscle memory to us sitting on the toilet, by the time we realize the seats not there our leg muscles have already released and we hit that hard, cold, pissed on tiny ring of porcelain. Then we get to slip in to the nasty bowl of water whos only purpose is to be constantly pissed and shit in and has puke and tampons flushed down it. Then to top it off we have to stop everything and shower. Again I say, you try falling in and see if its no big deal

lolbash 18

Us men also are in rushes and IT ONLY TAKES A COUPLE SECONDS TO LIFT THE DAMN SEAT TO PISS IN IT. Why why cant the roles be reversed and you do your part?

jazzy_123 20

well idk about some of you, but it's happened to me where I have to pee so bad that I don't look at the seat and when I sit down, I fall in. that sucks! also, some guys pee on the rim and don't even bother to wipe! I don't want that on my ass. of course, I've learned the hard way to look before sitting but it sucks having to take the extra second to put it down when I have to go THAT bad. My bf always puts the seat back down, and I really appreciate that small gesture, I think all women do.

incoherentrmblr 21

Everyone's talking about peeing, not one person mentions about taking a sh**...

It's a big deal because ridiculous people make it a big deal. You get idiots who tell you to put the seat down because "other people need to use the toilet, too" - how callous can someone be to think they can predict who'll need the bog next? If you need the seat down, put it down; if you need it up, put it up. It's not rocket science, people!

I've only ever fallen in when i've gotten up to use the toilet in the middle of the night and haven't turned the light on, and quite honestly it usually makes me laugh. How can you sit in the toilet instead of on it and not laugh at yourself? I've never understood the women who get so irate about a bloody toilet seat. When I was growing up my Dad always put the seat down because he was living with 3 women, so chances are whoever used the toilet next wanted the seat down, but if it's one man and one woman then **** that, the toilet seat is fair game. You wanting it down is not more important than him wanting it up.

If you're gonna have it one way or the other, down makes more sense. Everybody sits to take a dump, most women sit to pee, and men could sit to pee if they really wanted to. Down is more convenient. However my partner and I just leave it as it is once we're done.

(this thread is so long for something so simple..) Some people think it's more polite to keep the toilet seat closed, but it doesn't really matter. one way or another, somebody has to open or close it for a different business they have to do.

I use this analogy when I'm talking to my fiance about it. If you look behind when backing up your car (or parallel parking), why can't you do it when going to the bathroom?

I'll just boil it down to "It's a courtesy thing and a little courtesy goes a long way." That being said there's no defense for the OP's mother. A stupid thing to punish someone for.

HairyPunisher 27

You should get back at her by putting one of those rubber poop monsters under the toilet lid. It'll pop up when she opens it. It might extend your punishment but it'll send a harsh message about the horrors of a lowered toilet seat.

All things aside, I really love OP's name

Your mom needs to let up. That's ridiculous

some parents do it to teach kids manner. its still going around now a day you know. the punishment its up their will but I agree with you that its a bit intence for a toilet seat. imagine if he didn't wash dishes :0

mds9986 24

No shit, this would piss me off.

Our grandmother used to have a shit fit if we loaded the toilet paper coming over the top.

My mum used to be like this, i just told her that we don't complain when we have to put the seat up

Only comment if you can contribute to the conversation. If you don't know what to say, don't say anything.

Though the mom is overreacting, I feel confident that OP will not forget next time!

LadyLuck93 20

YOU would. but you don't even know how old he is. he's probably 14-15 went to a public library with one of his parent or something.

LadyLuck93 20

Well then sucks to be him IF he Is under 18yrs. Would stay at a friends house for a bit, bye.

If he is to young to move out what makes you think he can just go to a friend's house as he wants? He could end up being in more trouble and so could the friends parents if they let him stay against his mother's wishes.

LadyLuck93 20

Oh please getting in trouble for going to a friends house without permission, what is he 10? all I know back when I was 15 & got into arguments with my mother I stayed at my friends home till she cooled off & got ready to talk things clear with her later when both of us were not angry anymore. Not my fault some households are like fkn military style or just plain stricked for no valid reason. Anyways.

He's probably like 12 look at his username

LadyLuck93 20

#100 yeah now that you mention it haha, most likely. And to the others who are down voting me, knock yourselves out already. Sensitivity much.. I cant, loll

tantanpanda 26

Holy crap, are you that much of an attention *****? Getting all hurt from a few downvotes. You need to realize that not everyone lives the rebellious lifestyle that you do. OP's mom is on the extreme side, but so is your suggestion. I don't know many kids who move out because their parent grounded them. Besides, it sounds like OP is a teen who got his parent(s) to drive him to the library.

LadyLuck93 20

LOL Excuse me? Who the hell are you like dude, chill the **** out... & No im not even close to being an 'attention *****' I never exaggerate over internet comments & I am not "hurt" over the thumbs down, what pisses me off the most is when people dont understand so they hate on instead. Not everyone grows up with perfect parents & discipline & all that lovey dovey bullshit, I was raised differently & im damn grateful for it. It just amuses me how some individuals here just let themselves get controlled, like im sorry that situation is just pathetic. I understand kids getting grounded for decent purposes but this is ridiculous & I never moved out btw stop putting words into my mouth. I also had no idea that he was 15yrs old or maybe even younger. I just stated my opinion what I would do if I was in his shoes, in that situation which would involve me getting my own place so I can avoid some fkn headaches (obviously if I was over 18) or just preach out to a friends place in the mean while.. anyways, I guess not everyone has the balls to take risks. I live with my Mother I help her around etc, & guess what we are on amazing terms. Shit got hectic back in my youth with my own personal issues & the fights we've gotten into. I just had to explain to her my situation make her understand my part & if I was guilty Okay I accepted the consequences. Look maybe OP just need some explanation to do with his mom, communication & different perspectives wont hurt anybody. Anyways I always followed what my guts told me to do so, & if that made me rebellious then Okay. Again idc about anyones worthless comments & the thumbs down, at least I have the nerve to speak my mind & show my true identity unlike some ppl here that has anime pics. Anyways. Adios & I hope OP will be okay in the end. PEACE!

FieldLeftBlank 20

Well aren't you so cool, 116.

ourtneyc 14

you seem like an annoying person irl lol

LadyLuck93 20

Lmao ew.. & as if you can even make a judgment over me due to one fml comment, first time I ever went apeshit on some responses. Im not annoying, im actually very easy to get along with & to speak to. Not my fault You lame ppl are close minded & dont think outside the box.

ourtneyc 14

I read your bio and just the way you're talking to me makes you annoying so yeah you're annoying

LadyLuck93 20

Are you ******* kidding me, Creeping my profile now to? look who's the annoying one tho. If only you see the amount of messages I get everyday & compliments about my bio. Let me tell you something hun, you seem like a very judgmental, LAME & boring person to be around with. The hell is you're problem like just stop talking, your not even worth the time arguing back to lmaoo. Just ew. Get a life.

ourtneyc 14

are you sure it's just putting the toilet seat up? maybe she's milking it for other shit that annoyed her

My thought exactly. OP has probably been pissing his mother off all week and she finally snapped over the toilet seat.

That sounds like her ostensible reason for punishing you. Either way, good luck OP and hopefully you can find ways around it without getting caught.