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Today, my mom yelled at me because I refused to lend her money. The reason I won't lend her money? The last time I did, she and my dad went out and bought a Macbook and a new car instead of paying bills. Apparently, I'm being 'selfish' by keeping my own money and putting it towards university. FML
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  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

Then they would be able to blow their own money on cool things instead of finishing off the debt that OP doesn't pay for.
Idiots will find a way to make dumb moves one way or another.

  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

Then OP's parents would probably spend their own money on more cool stuff instead of finishing off the debt.
Idiots will find ways to make dumb decisions even when the right decision is plopped in front of them.

  h0ney_kisses  |  0

Wow are you serious? Do you pay your own bills? Do you not know how much college is? Even if you get money from school, you need to pay 40+ thousand back. Money to spare? Thats not op's money unless its from a job.


Well if you give someone money for bills and theres alot of debts that need to be paid then thats prolly why they gave their mom so much last time. Obviously your mother is if you think what she wants the money for is important, then pay it for her so you can make sure it goes to what she says its going to.
Btw, there is no problem with helping outta your parents when they need it.

By  stepht91  |  0

That really sucks that your more mature than your parents. My mother never carries cash on her so I lend her money, but I always get paid back. Take the macbook and car and tell her you'll give them back when you get your money back.

  TorturedXeno  |  27

OP, how the hell did you lend your parents enough money to buy a car and a Macbook? Anyway, you're doing the right thing. Keep saving up, and ask for the other money back.

  Ch0sen  |  13

But our economy needs stupid people to keep spending money! That's why we should keep giving our money to idiots like Obama wants. This is the REAL economic stimulus plan! Oh I love being manipulated.

  KYLAisaBITCH  |  4

38- OP is in Canada. Barack Obama has no say so of their economy nor does their money or "stupid people spending money" in Canada effect us in America. :)

By  nalia18  |  8

Sooo instead of wanting you to get a good education so u can make moreee money
She takes advantage of the money you have now for the silliest reasons when youd have to pay more than if you were to pay bills