By FML - 21/12/2013 16:58 - United Kingdom - Glasgow

Today, my mum and I were referred to as "ladies". I'm happy for her, since she always complains about looking masculine. However, I would still like to be called a gentleman, seeing as how I am one. FML
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challan 19

Dude looks like a lady. *air guitar solo*

ashalayx 13

this time of year? every second of the year


BubbleGrunge 18

Perhaps it was a slip of the tongue OP. This time of year, people aren't paying attention to anyone but themselves really.

ashalayx 13

this time of year? every second of the year

jazzy_123 20

Speak for yourself. I got used to saying "y'all" at my job because I didn't want to make anyone upset or feel uncomfortable.

Yeah, thats a good habit. I waited on a party last night, and I had one that I just had no idea. I made it through the whole party until the very end and a 'sir' slipped out. "I'm not a sir but I've been called worse!" I felt horrible, but thankfully she was really nice about it.

I remember when I was at work we had two cross dressing men come up to my register, and at the end I accidentally said "have a good day sir". *face palm*

Oh my goodness.. I laughed at this so much! Sorry op!

jaycee1209 5

Don't worry about what people think OP. All that matters is how you feel about yourself.

thejewishfuhrer 17

Yeah! If you think you're a pretty girl then everyone else will too!

jaycee1209 5

No, basically OP doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. All that matters is how he thinks of himself.

thejewishfuhrer 17

I know...I just wanted to write a troll comment and slowly get buried ;(

jojimugo 20

True ...... But still ain't nobody wanna be called a lady

Except maybe I dunno, a lady?

I want to be called a lady. Got a problem with that?

TallMist 32

Them be fightin' words.

My neighbor still thinks I'm my mom whenever I answer the phone. We'll push through together.

Yea, everyone thinks I'm a female when I answer the phone. Everyone male wasn't born with a God deep voice!!

Anyone who calls my house and knows my mom thinks I'm her when I answer the phone. It's really awkward.

My grandmother once called my house and I answered and she thought I was my father

My grandma thinks im my sister. Keep in mind she's had 13 years to get used to me

jazzy_123 20

50, oh you're just a child. Of course your going to sound like a girl. Puberty will hit you eventually.

Maybe you look feminine.

Perhaps, but personally I'd still rather be a pretty man than a handsome woman....or an ugly man. ;)

Maybe it's time for OP to get a hair cut.

Lemurcat 12

Actually, considering that Pixie Cuts are a cute style (and are quite popular in my area), we can't assume that he has long hair and needs to cut it. He probably just has a feminine build.

Happens to the best of us, OP.

So I see you get your looks from your mom? Wait, what?

challan 19

Dude looks like a lady. *air guitar solo*

LizetteBerenice 22


tables are turned eh?