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Today, my mum and I were referred to as "ladies". I'm happy for her, since she always complains about looking masculine. However, I would still like to be called a gentleman, seeing as how I am one. FML
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  smokecloud_  |  37

Yeah, thats a good habit. I waited on a party last night, and I had one that I just had no idea. I made it through the whole party until the very end and a 'sir' slipped out. "I'm not a sir but I've been called worse!" I felt horrible, but thankfully she was really nice about it.

  brenton490  |  19

I remember when I was at work we had two cross dressing men come up to my register, and at the end I accidentally said "have a good day sir". *face palm*

  Lemurcat  |  12

Actually, considering that Pixie Cuts are a cute style (and are quite popular in my area), we can't assume that he has long hair and needs to cut it. He probably just has a feminine build.